VELUX skylights make it easy to transform your home into a bright and healthy environment. When you open up your living space to fresh air and natural sunlight, it translates into greater energy for your body and mind.

A fifth wall makeover in 5 steps

Sincerely Sara D takes us through her fifth wall makeover.

Skylights make this fifth wall makeover a hit with the entire family

Skylights changed the way blogger Sincerely Sara D sees her bonus room.

Fifth wall design tip #4

If you have a wood floor, consider adding tongue-and-groove wood to the ceiling for a unique design conversation.

Washed in light

Keep that light switch off in the laundry room of the HGTV® Smart Home 2016 because...

Covered porch with a sky view

VELUX skylights keep the covered porch light and bright, but bug-free...

The application is spot on; the skylights are well placed. The light’s balanced and they’re smart. The loft is beautiful and the skylights are a big part of that.

Jay Corder
Jay Corder Architects

Breezy loft

Open the skylights in the loft to create whole home air flow.

Bring a little light to the man cave

Turn your bonus room into a light-filled hangout with skylights. Control the light for TV watching or video games with remote control blinds that can block the light, darken the…

Creative Workspace

Work from home? Create a naturally lit home office to keep the creative juices flowing.

Happy home office

Adding Fresh Air Skylights to this Pennsylvania home brings cooling breezes inside during the summer and uses the sun to warm the space in the winter.

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