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Can you install skylights on a tile roof?

Specialized flashing makes it possible to install VELUX skylights on barrel tile roofs.

Four skylights on a barrel tile roof viewed from above

Barrel roof tiles, often called Spanish barrel tiles, create an old-world look for homes with their undulating shape and patina that develops over time. But you may wonder whether skylights are compatible with barrel tiles and other types of high-profile roofing, such as cedar shake and slate. The answer is yes: Skylights can be installed on roofs with barrel tile or any other type of high-profile roofing.

Here are three things you should know about installing VELUX® skylights on tile roofs.

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What are the best types of skylights for tile roofs?

To accommodate the height of the roof tiles, choose VELUX Curb-Mounted Skylights for roofs with barrel tile or any roofing material that is 3/4-inch or thicker. Four types of VELUX skylights that can be installed on a tile roof:

  • VELUX No Leak Fixed Curb-Mounted Skylights
  • VELUX No Leak Solar-Powered Fresh Air Curb-Mounted Skylights
  • VELUX No Leak Electric Fresh Air Curb-Mounted Skylights
  • VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylights, TZR 014 Model

What does curb-mounted mean? A curb is a frame the skylight installer makes from 2-by-4-inch or 2-by-6-inch lumber. The curb is attached to the roof-deck, and the skylight sits on top of the curb, just like a shoe box lid sits on a shoe box.

VELUX Curb-Mounted Skylights carry the same VELUX 10-year No Leak warranty that covers VELUX Deck-Mounted Skylights and their installation. VELUX Curb-Mounted Skylights include three layers of weather protection to give you peace of mind:

  • Gasket – Curb-mounted skylights are designed with a gasket that provides a tight seal between the skylight and the curb.
  • All-weather underlayment – Underlayment, also called the water and ice shield, covers the roof area around the curb and extends up the sides of the curb.
  • Engineered flashing – VELUX engineered flashing is installed over the water and ice shield, allowing water to flow away from the curb.

How is VELUX skylight flashing installed on a tile roof?

VELUX flashing kits for high-profile roofing materials such as tile, slate and cedar shake are installed working from the bottom of the skylight to the top. VELUX flashing kits for high-profile roofing include a malleable dress apron for a snug fit on the roof.

Here’s how high-profile flashing is installed:

  • Install the sill flashing and dress apron over the bottom of the curb.
  • Bend the dress apron down.
  • Cut the side flashing sections to match the curb size and install it on the sides of the curb.
  • Install the saddle flashing piece over the top of the curb.
  • Flatten the dress apron over the roofing material.
  • Install the counter flashing piece over the top of the skylight.

When it rains, water flows over the flashing and away from the curb.

Closeup of two skylights on a barrel tile roof

Can you install roof tile around existing skylights?

If you’re considering replacing your existing tile roof or switching to tile, adding skylights during reroofing is easier. Combining the two projects synchronizes the warranties of the roof and skylights and saves you money because the roofing crew is already working up on the roof. Be sure to discuss with your roofer where you want the skylights to go or bring in a VELUX-certified installer to help with that part of the project.

If you already have curb-mounted skylights, you can add tile roofing. If they are VELUX, your roofer will need to replace the flashing kit with one designed to work with tile roofing. If they are not VELUX skylights, consider replacing them to ensure you have the VELUX 10-year No Leak warranty on product and installation.

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