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How to prevent bugs from coming in through your skylight

Bring in fresh air without letting in bugs.

An open skylight showing a blue sky in the distance and the bug screen in the foreground.

People fall in love with skylights for the beautiful, mood-boosting natural light they bring inside. But many homeowners are surprised to learn that skylights can open to create airflow throughout the home. Often the first question they ask when finding this out is, “What about bugs?”

VELUX vented skylights, available in solar-powered, electric and manual models, are also known as “Fresh Air” Skylights. All models come standard with bug screens. Let’s walk through frequently asked questions about vented skylights and skylight bug screens.

Why should I choose vented skylights?

Vented skylights provide fresh air in addition to the well-documented benefits of natural light all year round. Allowing fresh air into your home can decrease indoor air pollution, leading to a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. And best of all, solar and electric models can be automated using VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO, which means the skylights will do the thinking for you. And if you choose to equip your vented skylights with solar powered shades, the shades can also be adjusted with VELUX ACTIVE to proactively extend the shades to prevent heat gain.

Can you put a bug screen on a skylight?

Yes, skylight bug screens are just like bug screens for vertical windows. They are made of fine mesh in a metal frame that fits in the interior skylight frame. When the skylight is open, the screen prevents bugs from getting inside while still letting in ample natural light and fresh air.

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Do all VELUX skylights come with bug screens?

Yes, all vented VELUX skylights come with bug screens at no extra cost. The screen arrives in a separate box from the skylight, and the skylight installer inserts it into the frame during installation.

How do you remove VELUX skylight screens?

VELUX skylight screens are held in place by two spring-loaded tabs on the sides of the screen frame. When you pull these tabs inward, pins retract from the placement holes in the skylight frame, allowing you to remove the screen.

Close up image of a skylight bug screen

How does a bug screen affect skylight cleaning?

Cleaning a skylight with a bug screen is just as easy as cleaning one without. Simply remove the screen and wash the skylight as usual and then replace the screen. If you need to clean the screen, it can be removed, rinsed and dried, just like a traditional vertical window screen.

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