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4 tips for cleaning skylights from the inside to the outside

Use our handy tips list to keep your skylights clean.

side by side comparison of standard glass versus Neat glass with a view of the sky and treeline

Whether you’re in the Northeast with streaked windows and dirty siding as reminders of last winter’s snow or in the South with pollen coating every outside surface, springtime finds exterior home cleaning rising to the top of your home maintenance to-do list.

You may be wondering, “How do I clean my skylights?” For VELUX skylight owners, cleaning and maintenance are minimal, but there are a few things you should consider.

VELUX skylights are easy to clean both inside and outside, and many window cleaning companies have the tools to do the external cleaning without the need to get on the roof — just let them know how many skylights you have when providing your total window count.

Ready to start spring cleaning? Use this guide to keep your skylights looking fresh and clean:

Cleaning the inside glass of a skylight

VELUX skylights come with our Clean, Quiet & Safe glass system, which is designed to keep you from constantly cleaning. However, like all glass, occasional cleaning is necessary.

For a crystal-clear view, use soft water or a nonabrasive cleaner to clean the interior glass with a soft, lint-free cloth, chamois leather or a nonabrasive sponge.

And to ensure the skylight pane stays clean from the inside, here are a few more do’s and don’ts for skylight maintenance:

  • Don’t use abrasive cleaning products.
  • Don’t use chemical products on the pane.
  • Don’t touch the glass with sharp or abrasive objects, including jewelry.
  • Do always apply water first when attempting to clean dirt or dust off the glass.
A hand wiping the interior skylight frame with a cloth

Cleaning cloudy or foggy skylights

Does your skylight have a cloudy or foggy appearance? Interior condensation could mean you need to open your skylight more often for ventilation. If you have a fixed skylight, consider these simple tips to regulate humidity in your home:

  • Dry laundry outside.
  • Keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed.
  • Maintain a constant room temperature of at least 68 F, if possible.

If streaks of condensation remain between the glass panes after cleaning, this could be a sign of sealant failure and indicates it may be time to replace the skylight.

Cleaning skylights from the outside

Although VELUX skylights are low maintenance, they should still be periodically cleaned on the exterior. Most window cleaning companies can clean skylights because they have telescoping cleaning brushes and squeegees to reach them without needing to get on the roof. Just remember to include your skylights in the total window count you give to your window cleaning company.

The latest models of VELUX skylights feature Neat® glass (part of our Clean, Quiet & Safe glass system), which combines energy-efficient LoE3 dual-paned glass with a special coating that works with sunlight and rain to remove debris.

But how does Neat glass work?

Neat glass has two coatings to fight off water and debris:

  • Silicon dioxide reduces water spots from rain by creating a super smooth surface that evenly disperses and evaporates water.
  • Titanium dioxide decomposes organic materials like dirt, dust and tree debris on the glass through a reaction with UV sunlight.

With these advanced glass technologies, VELUX skylights maintain a clear view and provide abundant natural light, so they only need to be included in your home exterior cleaning schedule every couple of years.

Four skylights on a rain wetted shingle roof

Cleaning skylight flashing

When you clean your gutters — or hire a gutter cleaning service for this yearly task — remember to clean around skylights where the flashing is installed so rainwater will continue to flow freely around the skylights. It’s as simple as using a leaf blower to clear away leaves or other debris.

Periodically cleaning your skylights

Due to advanced glass technology, VELUX skylights do not need to be cleaned often; however, they should be cleaned professionally every two to three years to ensure they continue to function properly and emit plenty of natural light.

With these tips in mind, your skylight will stay clean all season long.

Still have lingering questions? Feel free to chat with us about your skylight cleaning questions.

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