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10 Layered bedding looks made better with skylights

Explore photos of 10 designer bedroom spaces transformed by adding skylights.

A woman sits on a beautifully layered bed under skylights in a bedroom with a light blue and gray color scheme.

Contemporary or traditional, coastal or rustic, a layered bed can provide a centerpiece design element to every bedroom in your home. And with beautiful sky views and natural light from skylights, you can bring out the best design elements in your layered bed looks, from texture and color to patterns and accent furniture.

Explore 10 inspiring layered bedding looks made better with skylights and then find a skylight installer near you who can help you brighten your bedroom

1. Ivory and warm earth tones with velvet accents

In this Southern California bedroom, interior designer and TV host Bobby Berk went with neutral shades of white, ivory and warm earth tones to create a light and airy oasis. A soft linen duvet is juxtaposed with a thick woven blanket and velvet pillow for a compelling layered bed look. Above the bed, a Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight pulls the look together by bringing an abundance of fresh air and light.

Want to layer your bed like a pro? Check out Bobby Berk’s tips for turning a blank space into a light and bright bedroom.

Bedroom white black wood skylight green blanket

2. Bedding layers inspired by a mountain landscape

To create a calming vibe, interior designer and style expert Emily Henderson took inspiration from luxury hotels for a bright and layered look in this main bedroom. She layered soft textiles in shades of white and blue to generate a sense of movement, while the colors pay tribute to the beautiful Wasatch Mountains that surround Salt Lake City. With the VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO skylight automation system, the homeowners can completely darken the room when they want to sleep late or keep them open for an early morning rise.

Bedroom From Doorway Feat

3. Main bedroom connects with nature via sky view

Henderson’s love for natural light extended to her own Lake Arrowhead mountain house in Southern California. On the bed, stacked pillows in various sizes and fabrics complement the simplicity of the Scandinavian-style bedroom. With a coastal color palette, natural light and an invigorating breeze coming from four Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights, the style expert can enjoy a full-sensory connection to the outdoors.

Learn Henderson’s secret to a beautifully layered bed.

Natural Wood Bedroom With Skylights Feat

4. Layering patterned pillows over neutral bedding

For blogger Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch, mixing textures and playful patterns in pillows laid against neutral bedding is the ultimate comfort. Two VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights with shades enhance the soothing nature of this modest color palette while providing a soft breeze and views of the sky throughout the day and the stars at night.

Bedroom skylights taupe pink bedding paper lantern

5. Mixing pastels and jewel tones

One of the best ways to add impact to your layered bed is through a duvet cover. Ashley Rose, the home renovation and lifestyle blogger behind Sugar & Cloth, took this concept up a notch with her playful use of cozy throw blankets, including a blush pink quilt and a crisp white blanket atop a floral comforter. Natural light from three side-by-side Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights allows the dusty pink, golden yellow and pastel blue accent colors to pop. And the remote-controlled room-darkening shades give her total control of light levels in the room.

Master Bedroom 6 2420

6. Sunlight energizes geometric patterns

Crisp white sheets are a bedroom classic. But when it came time to design a layered bed for the 2019 This Old House Idea House, the designers didn’t sacrifice creativity. They leveraged the black-and-white geometric patterns from the walls into this cozy and fun layered-bed look. Natural light from two Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights boosts the energy created by the repeating shapes and joyful artwork.

Bedroom skylights white gray geometric wallpaper

7. Natural light enhances lush layers

In the HGTV® Smart Home 2021, natural light from above brings out the best in this coastal-style layered bed. It elevates the contrast between the tranquil blue walls and the soothing cream and gray accent pillows and throw blanket, while also keeping the space feeling open and airy.

Bedroom blue taupe skylights framed bed

8. Bold blue brought to life with natural light

This bold blue bedroom inside the HGTV Urban Oasis® 2020 home draws inspiration from its Portland, Maine, location. The bed is layered with a queen-size navy quilt and pillows in distinctive shades of blue, white and gray that vary in saturation but are harmonic with the coastal color scheme. Above the bed, three skylights, which include blue shades that blend with the bedroom’s vibrant color scheme, create open airflow and flood the room with natural light.

Blue main bedroom three skylights with blinds

9. Landscape-inspired bedding layers

With layered bedding, a tried and true way that designers create visual interest is by contrasting colors. This gorgeous green bedroom inside the HGTV® Dream Home 2021 uses the headboard, which includes segmented panels of woven banana leaf, to add not only texture but also contrast with the blue and green bedding. And thanks to skylights, natural light from above illuminates the room’s bold paint color that’s mirrored in the bedding.

Bedroom green walls skylights

10. Bed styling to reflect the season

Boasting warm autumn tones, this king-size bed inside the HGTV® Dream Home 2022 in Warren, Vermont, is stunningly layered with a terracotta duvet cover set. As the moss green throw blanket, layered elegantly on top of the bed, elevates the upscale cabin look, chevron throw pillows sit front and center to add texture and contrast. Adding to the cozy vibe, skylights in the vaulted ceiling make this bedroom feel like a restful retreat.

Bedroom skylights white walls timber beams

Inspired by the skylights featured in these 10 layered bedding looks? Learn more about the value of adding bedroom skylights to your home project by scheduling a virtual consultation today.

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