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3 Success Tips For Turning Your Bonus Room Into A Bedroom

Three tips to successfully turn your bonus room into a restful retreat.

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Typically located on the top floor of a home, a bonus room is often a finished attic space with dormer windows, sloped ceilings, and awkward wall angles. So, when decorating a bonus room as a bedroom, consider who will use the space, set a decorating budget, and furnish it accordingly. You can also incorporate any existing architectural features into a decorating plan to ensure a more functional, aesthetically pleasing space.

Put On A Fresh Coat Of Paint

If your bonus room has angled walls and slanted ceilings, they may be the reason it feels cramped and claustrophobic. So paint them a light color to create the visual illusion of a more spacious, airy room! Colors like white, tan, gray, or a pastel can make an even brighter room if you opt for a satin or semi-gloss paint.

Upgrade The Windows

Wooden blinds with 2" slats combine practical function with decorative aesthetics. These wide slats allow more light to enter a space and convey a modern, upscale appeal. You may even consider installing a skylight. They provide an abundance of natural light while maintaining your privacy since they open to the sky. VELUX also offers an array of blinds to add to your skylight, including option for light blocking blinds which are essential for bedrooms.

Consider Your Floors and Furniture

If your bonus room had a hard-surface floor, lay a large area rug over it to add textural color and a cozy surface for bare feet. A light color rug over dark floors provides contrast while brightening the room. Alternatively, if you have worn, wall-to-wall carpeting, consider a new replacement in a lighter color for a fresh, airy appearance.

Since most bonus rooms don't have a closet, storage is especially important. Furnish your bonus room with an armoire or free standing closet for hanging clothes and find some creative storage solutions, like shelf baskets for things like underwear, socks, sweaters and t-shirts.

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