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4 reasons to add skylights to bedrooms

Sleep experts say morning light exposure will help you get better zzz’s.

green bedroom skylights sisal headboard

Nestled in the pine forest of Bear Creek Canyon, this year’s HGTV® Dream Home is designed to maximize views of the outdoors, whether it’s a verdant mountain vista or a starry nighttime sky. That’s one reason every bedroom in the Morrison, Colorado, home has three skylights.

These bedrooms serve up VELUX® No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights with shades in three ways:

Skylights aligned with the bed ensure optimal bedtime stargazing in a guest bedroom.

Bedroom with yellow walls and ceiling with three skylights

Skylights use natural light to define the sitting area in another guest bedroom.

Bedroom with pink walls three skylights and gray accents

Skylights installed over a sliding-glass door in the primary bedroom create a sense of height, even though the ceiling is flat.

Bedroom with dark gray walls three skylights and checkered draperies

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Planning your next bedroom renovation? Consider these three reasons to add skylights to your design.

1. Have natural light while maintaining privacy.

While nothing beats a great view, sometimes we all need a little privacy. Skylights allow you to close the shades to the windows for privacy while maintaining access to natural light, which can be helpful while getting dressed or putting on makeup.

Bedroom with skylights gray white with wood canopy bed

2. Sync your circadian rhythm.

Much of our days are spent in front of screens, making natural light exposure important for maintaining a high-functioning internal clock. Sleep experts say exposure to morning sunlight is essential for syncing the body’s circadian rhythm. VELUX skylights with shades automated with the VELUX ACTIVE app can provide a perfectly dark bedroom for sleeping and open the shades early to gradually wake you each day.

Bedroom with yellow walls and ceiling with three skylights

3. Create an optimal sleeping environment.

If you’ve ever struggled with getting enough sleep, you likely know the frustration of a room that’s too warm, too stuffy or too bright. With VELUX Solar Powered “Fresh Air” skylights, you can control every element of the skylight to help create ideal sleeping conditions. VELUX room darkening shades (seen below closed) offer a remote-controlled option to block out any unwanted light, whether from the sky or pesky street lamps. The skylights also open, circulating cool, fresh air through the room. Designed with smart technology, these skylights can also detect rain, automatically closing in the event of unexpected showers.

Side by comparison of a bedroom with skylights the left side shows shades up the right side shows room darkenig shades down

4. Help bold colors shine.

Go ahead, paint it black. Or slate gray. Or navy blue. Natural light from skylights allows you to make audacious design decisions, just as interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn did in the bedroom pictured below. Painting everything — the ceiling, vent covers, trim and walls — creates a sense of openness, while ample natural light streams in from above to show this hue’s true elegance.

Bedroom with dark gray walls three skylights and checkered draperies

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