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Dreaming of a fresh, healthy home filled with natural light? Find inspiration and ideas for transforming your home with one simple décor change: adding skylights.

Why combining natural and electric light may be right for you.

Lighting is something we often take for granted. Here's why incorporating natural light could be right for you.

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Why add plants to your interior design?

Choose plants that thrive in natural light, accentuate your home design and calm the senses.

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Why a tonal palette broadens your interior decor horizons.

Use tonal palettes and natural light to dramatically transform a room.

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Why mix old and new.

Seeking a design trend that distinguishes your home? Here’s the key: mixing old and new pieces.

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Why color is important to how you feel in a room.

The combination of colors you choose is not only a direct reflection of your personality but a mood enhancer and thought stimulator.

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Why decorate using the 2016 PANTONE® colors of the year?

Embrace the opportunity to redecorate and breathe a bit of fresh air into your space with this year's PANTONE Color of the Year.

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Skylights: interior design showstoppers

Take any room in your home from ordinary to bright and cheery with natural light from skylights. See seven designs that show how decorating with daylight from above truly transforms any space.

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Master bedroom retreat

Natural light from skylights transforms the bedroom in the HGTV® Smart Home 2015 into a restful retreat.

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Light and airy loft

See how the loft in the HGTV® Smart Home 2015 is versatile enough to be a light-filled hangout and a darkened movie room.

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Five trendy bathroom upgrades that don’t cost a bundle

No one ever said “trendy” translates to “cheap.” Yet when it comes to on-trend, luxury upgrades, you don’t have to spend like a diva to make your bathroom look and…

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