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5 kitchens before and after installing skylights

Installing skylights in your kitchen can improve your wellness and increase your home value

A white kitchen with a wood-clad ceiling that has two VELUX skylights installed.

Renovating a home can offer many benefits, from increased property value to a more enjoyable environment. One of the most popular remodeling projects is the kitchen. Often called the heart of the home, the kitchen is where family and friends come together to enjoy food and each other’s company. Remodeling this room can lead to more quality time while also offering an average return on investment of 50%–70%. Including skylights in your kitchen remodel can instantly improve the ambiance of the space and can potentially help you save money in the long run.

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What are the benefits of adding skylights to your kitchen?

Installing skylights in your home is proven to help boost your mood and improve your sleep through exposure to continuous natural light throughout the day. Adding skylights to your kitchen can offer other benefits too. Whether your latest culinary creation goes up in smoke or you’re deep cleaning the oven, there are many unhealthy air pollutants released in your kitchen every day. Skylights provide a source of ventilation that can improve indoor air quality, keeping you, your family, and your friends healthier.

What is the best type of skylight for kitchens?

Because the kitchen needs extra light and increased air circulation, VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights with shades are the best skylights for kitchens. These remote-controlled skylights feature an integrated rain sensor that closes the skylight automatically when inclement weather approaches. And with room-darkening or light-filtering shades, you can have the right amount of light for making your go-to recipes or enjoying a family get-together.

How much does it cost to install skylights in your kitchen?

The cost of installing skylights in a kitchen can vary, depending on the type of skylight you choose and the room's architecture. There are many skylight models to choose from — including solar-powered, manual, and fixed skylights — with prices ranging from $550 all the way up to $3,500 per skylight. Check out this comprehensive skylight product and installation cost range list to see a full breakdown.

The architecture of the room in which you install the skylights will also factor into the final cost. For example, installing a skylight in a vaulted ceiling will be relatively easy because there is no attic space to build through and less drywall will be required. However, if you have a flat ceiling, more work will need to be done to build a drywall light shaft to the roof, leading to a higher cost of labor and materials.

Take a look at these five kitchens before and after installing skylights, as well as the cost per project.

Skylights open up this narrow galley kitchen

By adding two skylights, this kitchen gained height and plenty of natural, diffuse light to illuminate it throughout the day.

  • Skylight Product Cost: $3,863
  • Installation Labor and Materials: $3,515
  • Total Project Cost: $7,378
Galley kitchen after skylights installed black and white

See the galley kitchen below before the skylights were installed.

Galley kitchen before skylights installed black and white

Skylights bring out dark colors in a modern kitchen

Natural light from skylights in this kitchen makes it possible to use dark colors without them feeling oppressive.

  • Skylight Product Cost: $7,291
  • Installation Labor and Materials: $3,666
  • Total Project Cost: $10,957
Kitchen two skylights black cabinets

Below, see how the black cabinets in this kitchen got lost in the shadows before the homeowner installed skylights.

Open plan kitchen dark before skylights installed

Open-concept kitchen expands the fifth wall with skylights

Installing skylights brought a fresh, expansive feeling to this kitchen remodel by Sachi Lord.

  • Skylight Product Cost: $3,018.50
  • Installation Labor and Materials: $3,050.00
  • Total Project Cost: $6,068.50
White kitchen wood ceiling after skylights installed

Below, see how dark this kitchen was before the homeowner installed skylights.

White kitchen wood ceiling before skylights installed

Showcase the charm of a small kitchen with skylights

Daylight from above expands and softens this black and white kitchen.

Skylight Product Cost: $3,555

Installation Labor and Materials: $3,700

Total Project Cost: $7,255

Black and white kitchen after skylights installed

Before adding skylights, this kitchen felt closed in and small.

Black and white kitchen before skylights installed

Skylights show off natural materials and geometric patterns in this small kitchen

Skylights offer peaceful daylight in this much-needed galley kitchen update. The homeowner added skylights during a roof replacement, and the skylights did not require much interior finishing, which made their installation cost very low. Adding or replacing skylights during a roof replacement can save homeowners money on the installation cost.

  • Skylight Product Cost: $3,779.46
  • Installation Labor and Materials: $257.00
  • Total Project Cost: $5,036.46

Small kitchen after skylights installed

Below, view this kitchen before the homeowner renovated it and added skylights.

Small dark kitchen before skylights installed

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