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5 things we love about this treehouse-inspired children’s bedroom

Style and design expert Emily Henderson used natural light, color and whimsical touches to transform this children’s bedroom.

A children's bedroom with two skylights and colorful tree-themed wallpaper and a trundle bed flanked by a blue, maroon and white striped rug.

For the second Brighten Up Any Room design giveaway, VELUX teamed up with designer and stylist Emily Henderson to make the homeowner’s dreams come to life. She took a drab attic bedroom and the homeowner’s idea of making it feel like “a cloud at the end of a rainbow” and created an imaginative, functional space for three growing children to share. Learn more about this children’s bedroom makeover.

There’s so much to love about this children’s bedroom, but here are our top five favorite features:

1. Playful wallpaper for a pop of color

A white chest of drawers with sun shaped mirror over it

Emily and her team used this mural-like wallpaper as their jumping-off point, both for the color palette of the room and for the stylistic direction of the space. With a multicolored leaf pattern that stretches toward the sky, the wallpaper (along with the skylights it flanks) also helps draw the eye up, making the room feel larger.

2. Skylights that bring in sunlight and fresh air

Childrens room with skylights and colorful tree themed wallpaper

With skylights added to this children’s bedroom, you really feel as if you’re, well, in the sky. Two VELUX No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights with shades not only brighten the bedroom but also can be opened with remote control for a fresh breeze.

The skylights are equipped with remote-controlled, room-darkening shades, creating a bright, airy space during playtime and a homey haven for afternoon naps.

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3. A comfy reading nook

A reading nook consisting of a rust colored hanging canopy over a cushion

When you have a small room, it can seem counterintuitive to make smaller spaces within it, but doing so can actually make the room feel larger. The corner reading nook offers a quiet retreat in a room shared by three active children. With an orange canopy that evokes a carnival atmosphere and a plush, sage-green cushion, this nook is the perfect spot to curl up and dive into a story.

3. Built-in under-bed storage

Twin beds aligned along walls in a corner of a colorful childrens bedroom

When it comes to children’s rooms, storage is always crucial. From games and toys to clothes and more clothes, stuff can accumulate faster than a toddler grows out of a pair of shoes. Built-in under-bed storage is the perfect solution, offering extra space for little-used items without the clutter of shoving, ahem, gently placing, overfilled plastic bins under a bed frame.

4. Layered rugs for color and coziness

A blue and white striped rug with a wool rug layered over it with games and snacks

Layering colors, textures and patterns is a tried-and-true way to add visual interest to any room. Emily and her team used a large, flat-weave, broken-stripe rug over the existing carpet to complement the bold palette of the space. A smaller wool rug adds contrast and texture, making this children’s bedroom feel colorful yet cozy.

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