Why mix old and new.

Seeking a design trend that distinguishes your home? Here’s the key: mixing old and new pieces.

Seeking a design trend that distinguishes your home? Here’s the key: mixing old and new pieces. This practice captivates guests and gives your space dimension, ensuring your home is far from ordinary.

Flea Market Finds

When was your home built – 1930s? 1970s? 2000s? Consider the architecture of your home and rooms when seeking vintage pieces. If your house is fairly dated, you can start with a few period pieces like an antique kitchen table, bar cart or end table. Then add pops of color relevant to the season; you may even want to consider installing sun tunnels or skylights in dark hallways or staircases. The natural light can dramatically improve the aesthetics of the space. If you live in a modern home, introduce vintage accessories so you do not overwhelm the space. Seek items like a dynamic area rug, antique mirror or rustic clock. Contrasting your flea market treasures with modern pieces will give your home a one-of-a-kind personality in no time.

Inspiration that Defies Time

Don’t be afraid to mix eclectic styles from a variety of eras. Collecting pieces that draw inspiration from a range of time periods leave your space feeling like a treasure trove rather than a furniture showroom floor. Love French-inspired, round-back armchairs? Go for it. This piece, combined with geometric end tables, a colorful coffee table and patterned throw pillows, generate a distinct, warm living area. And don’t forget to let that natural light pour in from the windows and skylights. The light will highlight and accent the colorful pieces in the room, while making the space appear more spacious and lively.

Adventurous Design

Designing a room should be fun! Make an unexpected purchase that ordinarily falls outside of your comfort zone. Spontaneous purchases like floral art, a metallic dining table or coral ceramic dishes may inspire the novel design vision you’ve been longing to unearth. Unleash the artist within – this is the time to combine drastically different pieces in your quest to create an eclectic interior design masterpiece. Industrial chairs and antique table? Why not. Your home should be an expression of yourself, your quirks and your vision. Whether you’re planning to spice up a current living space or start from scratch, mixing old and new is a great trend to keep top of mind. The design contrast provides your home with dimension, warmth and character.

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