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Freshen up your space with bathroom skylights with shades.

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  • Bathrooms can become damp and filled with unpleasant odors.

    VELUX “Fresh Air” Skylights vent to allow airing throughout the day, preventing moisture and unsavory scents from lingering.

  • Privacy can be hard to make a priority.

    Bathroom windows are rarely opened or free of blinds because privacy is essential for your bathroom. Skylights provide natural light from above to illuminate your space without sacrificing your privacy.


An integrated rain sensor that self-closes at the first sign of inclement weather.

If bad weather should arrive while you're away, don't worry. This integrated sensor stores up solar power for a rainy day. Using a highly efficient, fully concealed operator and control system, your skylight will automatically close when it detects inclement weather.

No leaks, no worries. No Leak Promise.

VELUX "No Leak" Skylights are specially engineered with three layers of water protection and come with a 10-Year Installation and Product Warranty. So you can be confident that natural daylight and fresh air will be the only things coming in from above.

  1. 01 Tight Seal Technology

    Whether it be a deck seal or gasket, your No Leak skylight comes with hardware designed to ensure a tight seal between your roof deck and skylight.

  2. 02 Adhesive Underlayment

    As a secondary defense, the No Leak skylight underlayment provides water protection against the harshest weather conditions.

  3. 03 Engineered Flashing

    External flashing serves as an efficient first defense against leaks, easily diverting water away while providing an attractive streamlined look.

  • What to expect with installation.

    With our VELUX-certified installers, the process of bringing natural daylight and fresh air into your home may go quicker than you think. Explore the two-phase approach of VELUX skylight installation.

  • Visualize rooms in a whole new light

    With the VELUX Visualizer app, we’ve made it easier than ever to reimagine any room in your home. The VELUX Visualizer app lets you effortlessly add, customize and explore our skylight products in real time using your device’s built-in camera! Picture a more beautiful, healthier future in your home with natural daylight and fresh air from VELUX skylights.

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