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Why dress up your windows and skylights?

Window treatments add style and functionality to a space.

36 Window Treatments

Many interior designers say that a room’s décor isn’t finished until it has window treatments.

Just as accessories can change an outfit from Friday office casual to Friday date night, window treatments set the tone for a room. They also add color, texture and soft layers that help the eye transition from inside to out.

Whether you choose modern roller blinds, formal ceiling-to-floor draperies or traditional window-length curtains, here are four reasons why you should include window treatments in your interior decor.


Window treatments are an easy way to change the look of a room through color. Go tonal with draperies that delve into the focus color of the room. Or provide a pop of color with draperies in an otherwise neutral room. A layered look with gauzy sheers under solid draperies adds depth and softness.

Light control

Block, diffuse or shape sunlight with window treatments. If you added sheer draperies, they’re perfect for diffusing sunlight without completely darkening the room. For east- or west-facing windows make sure to have your draperies backed with light-blocking fabric, so when closed they block light and prevent heat buildup. For homes with skylights, try light diffusing shades for rooms where you want some light all the time and light blocking shades for rooms where you need the flexibility to darken the room for TV watching or sleeping.

Or have fun by selecting treatments that combine solid and sheer for intriguing shadows that become a design element that changes throughout the day.


The most basic function of window treatments is privacy. Try plantation shutters on the lower half of double-hung casement windows to keep out prying eyes, while maintaining some daylight in the room. Roller blinds that use perforated fabric provide varying levels of privacy, while maintaining a view to the outside. For bathrooms and bedrooms, where window treatments may stay closed for privacy, consider adding skylights for all-day light.

Acoustic Dampening

Sound bounces off hard surfaces, making unadorned rooms echo. Adding soft window treatments such as long draperies, short curtains or sleek roller blinds not only softens the décor, it also dampens sounds.

Whether you use window treatments for aesthetic reason or to add functionality to a room, make sure they are in your interior décor toolbox.

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