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Why create an at-home spa on a budget?

Learn how you can create a relaxing spa experience in your own home using things like natural light and fresh air from skylights and affordable products.

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Feeling the pressure? Whether you’re moving to a new home, coordinating children’s schedules or tackling a time-consuming work project, your daily routine undoubtedly contains both big and small stressors. Stress that, when pent up, can cause anxiety, worry and frustration. If you’re feeling this way, it may be time for an escape from the day-to-day – a little “me time” if you will. And nothing says me time like a spa day.

Now, before making excuses – this doesn’t mean you have to travel to a luxurious spa, drop a month’s salary or dedicate a full day to the experience. Instead, consider creating an at-home spa experience. An experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated without breaking the bank.


Let natural light pour through your bathroom’s windows and skylights for a soothing atmosphere. You may even consider opening a window or skylight to let the fresh air permeate your space. The smells of nature and fresh air are proven to decrease stress and boost happiness. In particular, scents like freshly cut grass, pine and jasmine are shown to reduce tension. Additionally, light a variety of candles for a warm, welcoming feel. You may want to consider using a couple of scented candles, possibly an invigorating citrus, refreshing linen or relaxing lavender.


Soft, soothing music can slow the mind and relax the body, in turn decreasing your heart rate. Calming sounds also help increase serotonin production, which may lower blood pressure, stimulate happy thoughts and reduce feelings of anxiety. Slower-tempo melodies and repetitive notes are a safe choice and help many unwind; consider laid-back jazz or a playlist from your yoga class.


Believe it or not, moisturizing can be achieved on budget. Oats offer amazing skin benefits due to their amino acid content and can quickly and naturally moisturize dry skin. Even some upscale spas incorporate oats into their products. Combine plain oats with plain yogurt or water, mix the ingredients, and then let the mixture soak into your skin for five minutes. Rinse and pat dry. If you are up for spending a few extra dollars, consider adding essential oils to your spa routine. Extracted from fragrant plants and flowers, essential oils can restore skin vitality by generating new healthy cells.


Invest in linens that make you feel like you’re at a fancy hotel. There’s nothing like the feeling of fresh, white sheets and towels to transport you from the everyday.

White linens will also give your master suite a light and airy feeling. And why not throw in a special white terrycloth robe for your at-home spa experience.

Is planning your at-home spa experience putting you at ease already? Seize the opportunity and carve out some me time. It will no doubt leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the daily obstacles ahead.

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