VELUX skylights make it easy to transform your home into a bright and healthy environment. When you open up your living space to fresh air and natural sunlight, it translates into greater energy for your body and mind.

DESIGN TIP #5 Pattern play

Go a step further and apply wallpaper to the fifth wall for an overhead pattern that speaks to similar designs found in upholstery, pillows or rugs below.

Bring nature indoors

Open your home to nature with VELUX skylights. Not only do they bring in natural light, open skylights to hear birds chirping, tree leaves rustling and bring in fresh breezes.

Skylights transform north-facing room

North-facing rooms can suffer from low light, even with abundant windows. Skylights are the ideal fix for this problem because they open the ceiling to admit soft, diffused natural light throughout the day.

Empty nester couple downsizes to light-filled home

Skylights provide natural light while maintaining privacy in a home with tight lot lines.

I think the skylights in the HGTV Smart Home 2015 are pretty incredible. I love the hands-free aspect of pushing a button and opening the skylights.

Nicole Austin
Root Architecture

Blue hues show true

Natural light from above allows the loft’s blue palette to show true because the light fills the space without glare.

Airy gathering place

Skylights provide balanced, natural light in the loft of the HGVT Smart Home 2015.

Refreshing space

The skylights in this upstairs family room do more than bring in natural light from above. When opened in tandem with windows in the house they pull fresh air through…

Coastal Living show home features VELUX No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights

When people walk into the media room of the Coastal Living show home, they will notice the cool Coronado Beach breezes wafting through the space, thanks to two VELUX No…

Decorate with sunlight

Nothing makes a space feel larger than natural light. Add skylights to a small living room and immediately feel the difference.

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