VELUX skylights make it easy to transform your home into a bright and healthy environment. When you open up your living space to fresh air and natural sunlight, it translates into greater energy for your body and mind.

A fifth wall makeover in 5 steps

Sincerely Sara D takes us through her fifth wall makeover.

Skylights make this fifth wall makeover a hit with the entire family

Skylights changed the way blogger Sincerely Sara D sees her bonus room.

Fifth wall design tip #9

Make tonal decor even more soothing with natural light from skylights.

Fifth wall design tip #8

Add color to your ceiling with paint or if you have skylights, don't forget to add colorful blinds.

Fifth wall design tip #10

Go two-tone by painting exposed beams a contrasting color.

Fifth wall design tip #7

Shed some light on exposed beams.

Fifth wall design tip #6

Decorate with fresh air.

A tale of two dining rooms

When she first moved in, Tasha didn’t think the skylights in her house were very special. Old, discolored and lacking a sky view, they filled the dining room with yellow-tinged light. After partnering with VELUX skylights, she learned they could be so much more.

Using blue as a neutral color

Tasha, the home décor expert behind the blog Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body, draws a lesson from the fashion world for her master suite color palette. “Blue can provide that neutral palette that people tend to use beige for,” she said. “I mean when you think it you can wear blue jeans with anything.”

Natural light helps small spaces feel grand

Sabrina Soto knows how to make the most of small spaces. That’s why she fell in love with her Studio City home’s living room and kitchen.

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