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Brighten a Bold Bathroom Renovation with Skylights

Discover the benefits of VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights for bringing light into large master bathrooms.

A blue and white bathroom with pink accents and Sun Tunnel skylights

Ashley Rose, the Houston-based home renovation and lifestyle blogger behind Sugar and Cloth, is reimagining her family’s dated 1970s modern house into an bright, eclectic respite perfect for 21st century Instagram.

While the master bathroom wasn’t a 1970s original, the corner jet bathtub, cabinets and color palette were due for an upgrade, especially to fit in with the design-forward look of the rest of the home.

New house before 26 2420w

Ashley’s signature style mixes bolder pieces and minimalist touches, and the master bathroom is no different. The jet bathtub, a style which had something of a heyday in the late 90s and early 2000s, can be difficult to clean and maintain, and Ashley’s was broken when they bought the home. Recent bathroom trends favor the sophisticated, sculptural look of a freestanding tub and tub filler, which Ashley incorporates in front of the window. In a similarly on-trend decision, she replaced the darker tile and its accent ribbon from the previous shower with large white and grey marble-look porcelain tile.

Master Bathroom 4 2420w

While gold or bronze accents may seem more reminiscent of the jet bathtub era at first blush, the light contemporary design and reflection of natural light help this hardware-heavy space feel super modern. The earthy, brushed bronze is sprinkled throughout the bathroom from the door handles to the faucets and extends throughout the rest of the home as a continuously chic accent.

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Master Bathroom 39 2420w

With the floor, hardware and tub serving as her bold statement pieces, Ashley keeps the furniture and décor simple and organic in color and texture. The double-sink vanity is made from teak, which offers a beautiful natural wood grain and warm finish that complements the wooden countertop of the smaller makeup vanity near the tub. The vanity seat is a woven natural fiber, and she has placed a variety of plants throughout that bring warmth and texture to the smooth tile and acrylic tub. Where the previous owners placed heavy-looking framed mirrors, she updated the look with uninhibited frameless mirrors that further reflect the natural light from above.

With its expansive size and single window, the master bathroom offered specific design challenges. Ashley says they kept the layout the same, opting to focus their budget on finishes rather than redoing plumbing and electric work instead. However, the single window wasn’t enough to fully light the room, producing dark corners and a cave-like effect. To remedy the lighting situation, she opted to brighten the space with natural light from above through two VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights, which funnel in natural light to prevent shadowy corners and help the bright blue floor tiles and bronze accents pieces really pop. The Sun Tunnel Skylights also serve as a design complement to Ashley’s statement skylights nearby in the main bedroom, offering plenty of light and design balance.

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