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3 tips for a bright, modern bathroom renovation

Minimalist Scandinavian meets boho-chic for a small bathroom makeover that you must see.

Small bathroom with white and natural wood, rose patterned rug and two Sun Tunnel skylights

Molly Madfis’s interior design style is a charming blend of minimalist Scandinavian and Boho-chic aesthetics. The Los Angeles-based blogger behind Almost Makes Perfect documents her lifestyle, from motherhood to home renovation, and throughout her home, she prioritizes a warm, low contrast color palette of creamy whites, beige, mustard yellow and dusty pinks. The original master bathroom was updated by previous owners, but the dark vanity and countertop paired with gray stone tile (in the photo below) presented a clear departure from her signature style. For a bathroom that flowed with the rest of the home, Molly executed a bright, welcoming remodel that seamlessly incorporates her favorite design inspirations.

Planning your own bathroom renovation? Consider these three ideas inspired by Molly’s bathroom makeover before you get started:

Rethink Storage Options

More than a superficial update, this renovation plan included many practical changes to the bathroom as well. The new mirrors double as cabinets, allowing her to clear the grooming product clutter that previously lived on the vanity and small shelf. The vanity also provides both drawers and cabinets as an alternative to the previous large drawer model, allowing for easier organization. In the shower, the original had the built-in shower bench and a small corner shelf for products. She removed the corner shelf and added a large recessed shelf for products along the wall, allowing for more storage without crowding the bench. With smarter storage options, the room naturally lends itself better to the minimalist look.

Add More Natural Light

In her blog about the remodel, Molly mentions they considered adding an overhead light but ultimately decided against it. Instead, they opted for VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights over the shower, which make a notable difference in the bright natural light reaching the bathroom. In her blog on the remodel, Molly writes, “I knew the room was dark before, but wow what a difference. we added two VELUX Sun Tunnels in the 14″ size in the shower to add some natural light into the room and it’s insane!” While the Sun Tunnels, which look like recessed lighting, provide the light they desired, it also reduced the number of fixtures in the room, helping provide that open, airy feeling and avoiding a hardware overload.

In addition to allowing more daylight into the room, the Sun Tunnels also provide a built-in nightlight, so the family doesn’t have to turn on the lights when they need to use the bathroom at night.

Play with Materiality

While the original bathroom had a natural stone tile and polished chrome finishes, Molly’s design is decidedly different. On the floor, she used a smooth glass tile in a matte off-white color that helps create a super modern feel. In the shower, she strayed from traditional tile altogether, and opted for a smooth, water-proof plaster in bright white, which beautifully amplifies the effect of the additional natural light from above.

For the finishes, she incorporated on-trend bronze hardware with a low-shine, satin finish, which compliments the dusty pinks and natural woods she uses in the décor while also providing a light contrast against all the white.

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While much of the design features smooth, matte finishes, the vanity and medicine cabinets show a natural wood grain pattern that prevents the design from feeling clinical or too austere. Additional décor touches such as the natural fiber rug, woven baskets and green plants infuse the space with organic texture, achieving that perfect balance of minimalist and Boho-chic.

Want to learn more about using Sun Tunnels in your home? Schedule a virtual design consultation with a VELUX daylight designer.

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