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What do skylights look like from the exterior?

The newest skylight models have a low profile, making them hardly noticeable from the street.

Roof view of an open skylight on a fall day

While skylights transform interior spaces with natural light and fresh air, what do they actually look like from the outside? Sure the inside will be beautiful, but will it affect my home’s curb appeal?

Skylights have come a long way from the days of plastic bubble skylights that were known as obtrusive additions to rooflines, not to mention leaks. The latest VELUX Skylights come with a No Leak guarantee and have a sleek, low-profile exterior frame that blends into the roof.

Low-profile frame

Homeowners can rest assured that technological advances make today’s VELUX skylights streamlined with a low profile. Fresh-air skylight models that can open pack a punch of technology all concealed within the frame, which features a sleek, rounded design and a dark matte grey color that blends in with most roofing materials. VELUX fixed skylights sport a lower profile frame of the same color.

See VELUX solar-powered skylights in the closed position below.


And this photo shows the skylights open on the same house.


Low-maintenance glass

VELUX residential skylights come standard with clean, quiet, safe glass that has a special coating to help keep it clean. Silicon dioxide makes the glass exceptionally smooth, allowing water to disperse evenly and evaporate quickly, while titanium dioxide reacts with sunlight to cause organic debris on the glass to decompose.

Because they have LowE3 dual-paned argon-filled laminated glass, these skylights are 50% quieter than plastic skylights and safe for overhead installation. If you choose fresh-air skylights, even when the skylight is open, the top frame has a streamlined appearance.


Small solar panel and rain sensor

Fresh-air skylights – those that can be opened with a remote control or smart phone app – also include a small solar panel and rain sensor mounted at the bottom of the exterior frame. Designed to blend in, the solar panel and rain sensor sit close to the roof, making them unobtrusive from the street.


Flat glass Sun Tunnel skylight

For homeowners installing Sun Tunnel skylights, the flat glass model blends in effortlessly with the roof. The low profile glass design sits flush with the roofline and allows for natural light to funnel through a highly reflective tunnel to the room below.

Below, a flat-glass Sun Tunnel skylight blends in with the roof.


Want to learn more about skylights? Schedule a virtual consultation with one of our daylight designers. They’ll answer technical questions, make suggestions for skylight placement in your home and can installers in your area.

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