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What is Clean, Quiet, Safe glass?

Learn why Clean, Quiet, Safe glass is the best glass for your skylights.

VELUX Clean Quiet Safe glass

The biggest part of your skylight is the glass, so it makes sense that a lot of care should be taken to make sure it's the best available. Not only does this mean taking extra measures to ensure it's safe, it also means making sure it protects your home from the elements outside. Of course, with how hard it can be to reach skylights, it would be nice if the glass was easy to clean, too.

VELUX Skylights are made with Neat® Glass, also known as our Clean, Quiet & Safe glass, to address all of these potential issues, so read on to see how this glass got its name.


Unlike ordinary glass, Neat® glass is made with silicon dioxide coating, which makes it exceptionally smooth. When it's this smooth, water disperses evenly, "sheets off," and evaporates quickly. All of this greatly reduces water spotting.

Taking it a step further, Neat® glass includes a second coating of titanium dioxide which reacts chemically with the sun's ultraviolet rays and causes organic materials on the glass to decompose. Then, when it rains, the decomposed dirt is rinsed away, and your glass is left almost spotless.

The ultimate result? You spend less time washing windows and more time enjoying the view!


With regular windows, you can get light or privacy, but usually not both at the same time. This is one of the biggest benefits skylights can offer. Along with privacy, you want to make sure you're not letting in any excess sound when you use your skylight. That's why VELUX Clean, Quiet & Safe glass is built to reduce unwanted outside noise by up to 25 percent less compared to standard double pane glass and up to 50 percent less compared to a plastic skylight.


In order to keep you safe and meet building requirements, VELUX glass is dual-pane and laminated so if it breaks, you deal with as little damage as possible.

Like your car's windshield, if your skylight is struck a certain way, the top pane will crack like a spider web into tiny pieces. Those pieces are then caught by the lower pane, so you're not left with glass all over your floor.

Of course, this is something you more than likely won't have to worry about; VELUX glass undergoes multiple, rigorous tests to ensure it won't break under even the most strenuous circumstances. It can also be customized if you're in a snow- or hurricane-prone area for added protection.

It's clear to see that VELUX Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass lives up to its name—and then some! Isn't it about time you saw it for yourself?

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