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Using Sun Tunnel Skylights to brighten small spaces

How Builder Jerry Effren used Sun Tunnels to transform a Connecticut duplex home.

Hallway with wooden floor brightened by a VELUX Sun Tunnel skylight bathroom in the background

In a home, it may seem like rooms such as closets, bathrooms and hallways were predestined to lack crisp, natural light. But for builders like Jerry Effren, who constructed the This Old House Cottage Community Idea House, VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylights, which use 100% natural light, are here to change that. In fact, Efferen is such a big believer in natural light that he installed five Sun Tunnels on each side of the duplex home.

Need inspiration? See how he brought dark, small spaces to life using VELUX Sun Tunnels.

Walk-in closets. One of the best things about Sun Tunnels is their ability to bring natural light into any space. They’re a game-changer for confined spaces like this walk-in closet, which now has an abundance of sunshine from two Sun Tunnel skylights. The extra light makes it easier to see the colors of clothing and linens stored in the closet, and because it’s sunlight, this walk-in stays bright without adding to the electrical bill.

Closet white yellow towels sun tunnel skylights

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Small Bathrooms. In addition to the hallway, Effren further brightened the home by installing a Sun Tunnel skylight in one of the bathrooms. Natural light brings out the true colors of the bathroom’s deep blue walls and dark grey floor. And because this bathroom is in the middle of the home, adding sunlight through the roof was the only way to naturally brighten the room.

Small bathroom blue walls sun tunnel skylight

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Hallways. To keep the home feeling well-lit, Effren installed two Sun Tunnels in the second-floor hallway. With the addition of Sun Tunnels, which have highly reflective aluminum tunnels that deliver sunlight from a lens installed on the roof to the room below, the central upstairs hallway stays bright throughout the day. Natural light from the Sun Tunnels even adds light to the first-floor hallway.

Stairwell landing sun tunnel skylights wood floor

But Effren didn’t stop there. He also installed a Sun Tunnel in the upstairs hallway that connects a bedroom and bathroom, taking it from cramped and dim to open and vibrant.

Hallway sun tunnel skylight connected to bedroom

Feeling inspired? Find a VELUX-certified installer in your area to learn how easy it is to brighten any room in your home with all-day natural light.

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