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Cure for dark closets: Sun Tunnel® skylights

Brighten the room where you start and end your days.

sky blue closet with two sun tunnel skylights

Closets have evolved from dark, utilitarian storage rooms into intentionally designed spaces that provide mini-escapes during daily morning prep and evening wind-down routines. Looking for closet design ideas? Explore five closets that use color, pattern, well-thought-out storage and natural light from Sun Tunnel® skylights to create feel-good habitats for you and your clothes.

Whether it’s a spacious walk-in or a reach-in design, closets have one thing in common: a need for natural light. Since privacy is a must — most closet windows will have their shades perpetually drawn — Sun Tunnel skylights offer an ideal solution for bringing abundant daylight to the space where you make color and clothing decisions on a daily basis.

What is a Sun Tunnel skylight?

Sun Tunnels, also known as tubular skylights, use a highly reflective aluminum tunnel to connect a roof-mounted lens with a ceiling-mounted diffuser. Inside they resemble recessed or can lighting, but don’t be fooled, that’s 100% natural sunlight brightening the room.

Sun Tunnels can also be equipped with a solar powered night light that automatically turns on when the sun sets. They also also have an electric light kit added, allowing them to double as electric lights controlled at the wall switch at night.

Below an installer connects the tunnel running through the attic during a Sun Tunnel installation.

Sun tunnel installation

First up, the cheerful main bedroom closet in The HGTV Dream Home® 2021, designed by Brian Patrick Flynn. Light blue walls and ceiling glow with a surplus of sunshine from two Sun Tunnel skylights. A combination of drawers and hanging rods of differing heights provide plenty of clothes storage. This walk-in has plenty of room for a small upholstered chair, ideal for putting on boots, nylons or sipping your morning coffee.

Sky blue closet sun tunnels

Flynn also used color, plus natural light in the smaller walk-in closet in The HGTV Urban Oasis® 2019. Dark pink ceiling and walls highlighted by natural light from a Sun Tunnel make for a happy vibe. Baskets help keep things organized, while lower shelves have lots of room for shoes.

Pink walk in closet sun tunnel

This closet is full of whimsy with beautiful wallpaper featuring birds amongst a strawberry patch. High shelves, low drawers and a variety of hanging heights boost its functionality. Natural light from a Sun Tunnel bounces off a full-length mirror and the white ceiling, brightening the entire space.

Closet floral wallpaper sun tunnel

Interior designer Tiffany Brooks used black tile in the main bathroom of The HGTV Smart Home® 2019 main bathroom and extended the rich color scheme into the walk-in closet. Thanks to plenty of natural light from a Sun Tunnel, the closet has ample visibility for selecting outfits (and ample shelf space for showcasing shoes).

Black closet sun tunnel duo

Reach-in closets, like the one below, benefit from a Sun Tunnel’s bright sunshine, because every corner is illuminated. With a simple mix of shelves and hanging rods, this closet makes use of every inch of space.

Reach in closet sun tunnel

Ready to start your closet makeover? Find a Sun Tunnel installer in your area or schedule a virtual consultation to learn more about using Sun Tunnels in your home’s darkest spaces.

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