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Natural Light

Natural light allows landscape-inspired color palette to shine

From waterways to rolling bluffs, The HGTV Dream Home® 2021 connects with its surroundings.

aerial view waterfront home

Whether it’s a mountain range layered in the morning mist or a grand prairie filled with miles of undulating, windswept grass, vistas evoke emotions of serenity, introspection and inspiration. Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn tapped into the expansive views of the bluff overlooking the Sakonnet River from The HGTV Dream Home® 2021 to inspire the color palette and finishings used in the home’s decor.

Main bedroom combines lush colors with natural light

The main bedroom’s color palette must have been inspired by a walk down the bluff to the water’s edge because it marries deep green paint on all four walls and the ceiling with blue accents found in the bedspread, pillows and wall art.

Natural light from four solar-powered fresh-air skylights brings out the best in both colors. Flynn layers green and blue comforters on the bed and hangs mostly blue artwork on the green wall. Woven sisal accents on the headboard, rug and side table add to the ocean-inspired look.

Skylights provide a blue sky ceiling accent, and, when opened, bring nearby ocean breezes inside.

Bedroom green walls skylights

Sky-inspired walk-in closet

With walls and ceiling painted light blue, the main bedroom walk-in closet celebrates the brightening morning sky. And with two VELUX Sun Tunnel skylights, the room is filled with bright sunshine, perfect for seeing clothes colors clearly and setting an upbeat mood for the day.

Sky blue closet sun tunnels

Stairwell color tells a New England story

Flynn uses deep red on the walls of the entryway, living room and stairwell to draw a connection to the iconic New England red boat sheds, barns and covered bridges. Natural light from two fixed skylights at the top of the stairwell brings out the richness of this saturated color. Flynn completes his Americana color palette in the stairwell landing sitting area with a grey sofa, blue and green artwork and blue skylight blinds.

Red stairwell skylights

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