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Natural Light

Easily Add Natural Light to Any Room

The HGTV Smart Home 2019 master bedroom closet is filled with natural light.

Walk in closet with dark grey walls and natural light from a Sun Tunnel skylight

The HGTV® Smart Home 2019 is an inspiring space that encourages homeowners to try new design trends. While many homeowners shy away from painting small spaces dark colors for fear of making the room seem even smaller, the master bedroom closet in the home is painted dark grey, despite its size.

Why does it work, though? Interior designer Tiffany Brooks used a VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight to add natural light to add natural light to a space that requires high visibility, eliminating any dark corners in the room.. The Sun Tunnel adds daylight to the walk-in closet that requires high visibility, eliminating any dark corners of the room.


The Sun Tunnel not only makes a dark color palette feel lighter,

it also serves as inspiration to maintaining an organized space! Natural light serves as a positive addition to any room, shining light on every nook and cranny. Use a Sun Tunnel to make sure it sheds light on items in your closet that inspire joy. Think Marie Kondo! A closet filled with only your favorites surely makes an organized space easier to maintain.

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