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4 benefits of choosing a VELUX-certified installer for your skylight installation

Why choose a VELUX-certified installer? Here are four benefits.

Skylight installers on a roof installing two skylights

Unless you’re a do-it-yourself master, installing a skylight in your home can be a tough and overwhelming task. Hiring a VELUX-certified installer can help you save time and eliminate hassles by relying on someone who understands how to properly install skylights. With extensive training and knowledge, these skylight gurus are prepared to provide a smooth and seamless installation for even the most extreme DIYer. So, why not leave it to the experts?

VELUX-certified installers know skylights.

You can have peace of mind knowing that, with the completion of the VELUX certification program, certified installers have the training and experience needed to get your skylight project done with efficiency and expertise, from the moment they knock on your door for your home consultation to the minute they hammer the last nail on your roof. During your consultation, VELUX-certified installers are able to discuss your daylight goals to determine the best solution for your home. Specializing in skylights, they possess extensive expertise in installing traditional skylights, Sun Tunnel® Skylights and roof windows.

While all VELUX-certified installers are experts in skylight installation, some devote more of their business to skylights than others. To better understand the search results for your ZIP code in our installer locator, learn about the differences between Signature, Specialist and Certified installers.

Bedroom white wood skylights lantern light fixture

Our installers are natural light design experts.

VELUX-certified installers have a passion for helping you create a healthier and happier home. When it comes to flooding your space with natural light, we offer many options to bring your design vision to life. Yet, with a variety of choices to choose from, it may be a challenge knowing where to begin. To help you confirm your skylight decisions, from determining placement to recommendations on how many and what size skylights best meet your home and family’s needs, our certified installers are here to make those choices easier. For example, if you want to install skylights in a room with a flat ceiling, your skylight specialist would know how best to construct the area below the skylight, known as a light shaft, to maximize the benefits of natural light.

Ready to transform your home with more natural light? Get inspired by these skylight installation ideas.

Living room skylights white grey plants

VELUX-certified installers provide fast and efficient installation.

Certified installers have learned how to offer exceptional installation that meets the stringent, high-quality VELUX standards. With advanced VELUX training and certification, their familiarity and expertise allow them to finish installation more quickly and efficiently compared to non-certified installers. From protecting your interior furnishings from dust to working efficiently on the rooftop, have confidence knowing that you can leave your project to the professionals who install skylights each and every day.

Sun Tunnel skylight installer on roof

VELUX-certified installers are passionate about natural light.

Providing the gift of natural light from skylights motivates our certified installers to come to work each day. They truly are daylight designers, bringing expertise, integrity and quality to every skylight project. You can expect our installation experts to deliver the best daylight solution for your home.

Want to give your home a lighter and brighter look? Use our installer locator to find a VELUX-certified installer near you today.

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