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Before/after: Sun Tunnels transform a dull, boring laundry room into an inspiring space

See how to add some inspiration to laundry time.

two sun tunnels brighten a white and greige laundry room

For some of us, doing laundry is a burdensome, household task that must be endured. Others find it to be a soothing, meditative activity when they can let their mind go while their hands conquer the repetition of folding shirts and matching socks.

Regardless of whether you’re #teamlaundryzen or #teamlaundrychore, create a laundry room that will boost your mood. Amanda Johnson, the creative mind behind @allthingsnew_home had three things in mind when she renovated her small laundry room: 1) Create a minimal design. 2) Make it bright. 3) Make it functional.

The pre-renovation laundry room

Johnson’s Northern California ranch home has a small space in between the garage and the main house with washer/dryer connections and a small sink. Often referred to as a utility room, the windowless room was designed by the homebuilder for exactly that: utility.

Johnson’s laundry room had bland grey floor tile, a set of wall-mounted cabinets, a washer/dryer set and a small vanity. She used the walls for storage too: hanging a hand-held vacuum, a fire extinguisher and baskets of gift wrapping. The room had one electrical light centered in the ceiling, but no windows.

Unless she kept the garage door open, there was no source of natural light.

dark laundry room before skylights

A minimal laundry room design

Johnson, whose pared-down design aesthetic focuses on a neutral palette with small color accents and natural materials, decided her first goal was to declutter the laundry room. To help the room feel more open, she replaced the wall cabinets with open shelves, added wooden pegs to hang frequently used cleaning tools and opted for a light neutral palette of white with greige accents to create warmth.

Vertical shiplap creates a visual illusion of height in a room with a flat ceiling. By covering only the bottom two-thirds of three walls with shiplap and topping them with a narrow shelf, Johnson created an architectural element that’s both beautiful and functional.

bright and open laundry room after installing skylights

A bright, open laundry room

Paint alone wouldn’t solve Johnson’s lighting issue. She knew that only natural light would bring out the best in her finishings, so she added two VELUX Sun Tunnel® skylights, equally spaced to provide bright, even natural light throughout the room. Natural light highlights details in the hexagon floor tiles, a runner rug and the greige paint color found on the shiplap. Plus, sunlight just feels good.

Sun Tunnels have the unique capability of bringing natural light to any space via a highly reflective tunnel. Here’s how it works: A lens is mounted on the roof and the reflective aluminum tunnel connects it to a ceiling diffuser, funneling sunlight directly where it’s needed. The tunnel can be installed around obstacles like roof trusses and venting commonly found in attics. Watch as Johnson’s husband installs the Sun Tunnels in their laundry room.

Johnson opted to add an electric light kit to her Sun Tunnels, so at night the family can use the wall switch to light the room.

laundry room before and after skylights comparison

Functionality first in the laundry room

Since storage is a must in a laundry room, Johnson installed two floating, open wall shelves above the washer and dryer. Wooden wall pegs along the opposite wall are ideal for frequently used cleaning tools, such as a broom, feather duster and dust pan. The finished laundry room includes a large vanity with a bigger sink and storage underneath, while two natural fiber woven baskets add a natural element while also holding laundry ready for folding.

closeup of washing machine and dryer with white sink in renovated laundry room

Ready to brighten your laundry room?

If Johnson’s laundry room makeover has you inspired, find a VELUX installer in your area. Need some advice on where to place Sun Tunnels in your home? Schedule a free, virtual consultation with a VELUX Daylight Designer to discuss the options from the comfort of your home.

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