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4 reasons bathrooms benefit from vented skylights

Remote-controlled skylights open to ventilate bathrooms with humidity and odor issues.

Light green bathroom with a skylight brightening the shower and vanity.

Bathrooms often lack windows. If they have any at all, shades remain drawn to protect privacy. The need for natural light and a private space make bathrooms a good choice for skylights. Bringing in natural light from above is a must-have for many bathroom rituals, such as styling hair, applying makeup and selecting the day’s outfit.

While fixed skylights or Sun Tunnel® Skylights can brighten bathrooms, consider upgrading to vented skylight models that open to create airflow. Continue reading to understand why the best choice for bathrooms are vented skylights.

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1. Decrease moisture and condensation

We’ve all been in a bathroom that isn’t properly vented. Between the humidity from that last steamy shower and the ineffective fan humming on the ceiling, it’s unenjoyable. Adding a VELUX Fresh Air or vented skylight can help you maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity level by letting out that muggy air. Even better, the VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO skylight automation system, operated via a mobile app, provides total environment control and monitoring from the palm of your hand. Using climate sensors that monitor the home’s indoor air quality, the VELUX ACTIVE system will open the skylight throughout the day to release humid air and refresh the bathroom.

Bathroom with skylight over shower bathtub vanity

2. Reduce lingering scents

Bathrooms come with a lot of scents, some of them great, some not so lovely. Whether you’re spritzing hairspray, cologne or air freshener, all those different smells can get overwhelming. Removing scents is about more than comfort. The US Environmental Protection Agency cautions that many items used in bathrooms (aerosols, air fresheners and cleaning products) contribute to indoor pollution. And with many people spending as much as 90% of their time indoors, air quality is a top health concern. Vented skylights circulate air and release pollutants and smells, leaving you with a fresh, healthy bathroom.

Bathroom with skylight over bathtub

3. Increase natural light

We’ve all been subjected to bathrooms with poor or no natural lighting (think of hotel bathrooms). They feel cramped, oppressive and downright unpleasant. Let’s face it: Harsh fluorescent lighting never gave anyone a confidence boost. Research shows natural light improves our health, from promoting a sense of well-being to synchronizing our circadian rhythms so we get a better night’s sleep. Installing a skylight in your bathroom can help you reap those benefits. Sunlight from a skylight is diffuse, creating a soothing sanctuary where you can start each morning feeling calm and confident.

Taupe bathroom with skylight and large cirular mirror over vanity

4. Maintain your privacy

Installing a traditional window in a private space like a bathroom often results in compromise. You will end up adding blinds or shades that stay closed, negating the window’s purpose. Or you may keep the window coverings open and towel off in the one corner of the room your neighbors can’t see. Regardless, it’s not an ideal situation. With a vented skylight, you get all the natural light and soft breezes without worrying about privacy. And with VELUX “Fresh Air” Solar Powered Skylight with shades, you can adjust the shades — available in light-filtering or light-blocking — to shape the light to your liking.

Skylight with hanging plants over bathroom vanity

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