Using blue as a neutral color

Tasha, the home décor expert behind the blog Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body, draws a lesson from the fashion world for her master suite color palette.

“Blue can provide that neutral palette that people tend to use beige for,” she said. “I mean when you think it you can wear blue jeans with anything.”

 She recently added a new shade of blue to her master suite with the addition of three VELUX No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights. They add a variety of blues – from Carolina blue of sunny spring days to dusky blue of winter evenings – to the ceiling depending on the time of day and year. Skylight blinds in Navy Blue, not only give her light control, but also provide a pop of color.

 Bringing in natural light through the roof showcases her blue palette. The walls are a pale blue and the ceiling a slightly lighter version of the same shade. Geometric patterned pillows speak to a rug of similar design further tell the color story. And a refurbished chest of drawers grounds the space in a bold dusty royal blue.

The large space is longer than it is wide. By adding the skylights over one side of the room, Tasha created a natural division: a sitting area and a sleeping area.

Blue sets the cool, relaxing mood for this restful retreat.

 “I really feel like when we come in here now, the whole space is a room that we like the aesthetic of,” she said. “It feels beautiful; it’s very calming.”

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