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I mean, I really am a believer that color can really affect your mood and how you feel in a space.

In our bedroom, we have to a lot of blues and cool colors, and I find it really calming and relaxing.

We went from really just having a big, vast, expansive blank ceiling to having a really interesting focal point.

Add the skylights has really done a couple of things because with the addition of the skylight blinds, we've been able to add a little bit of color, and we stayed consistent with the color palette in the room.

We chose a dark kind of navy blue.

And you don't just get the color from the blinds. You get the color from the outside and the sky and the trees coming in, also.

So blue can really be a neutral color.

I mean, if you think about the fact that you can wear blue jeans with anything, blue can kind of provide that neutral palette that most people use beige for.

I think staying within the same color palette in the blues--it makes it feel calm.

But using a big range of blues and even, you know, dipping into the greenish blues, makes the space still really feel interesting without kind of jeopardizing the calming effect of the colors.

It feels more like a retreat now because now it's really the whole space is our space, and I really feel like when we come in here now, the whole space is a room that we like the aesthetic of.

It feels beautiful. It's very calming.

Feels like a nice, relaxing space to come at the end of a very busy, stressful day.