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Natural Light

Using Natural Light to Enhance Bold Color Choices

See how it's done in The HGTV Dream Home® 2021.

Bedroom painted dark green with four skylights

Have you ever taken home a paint swatch of the perfect shade of white, only to get it home and have it look totally different than it did in the store? You’re not alone. That’s because color pigments look different to the eye depending on the type of light by which you view it. This is particularly true for different kinds of artificial light – harsh white lights or fluorescents can be particularly altering for colors.

The effect of light on color is one reason neutrals have such a stronghold on interior design. However, rich, dark and vibrant colors can enrich a room, enhancing the overall look and feel of a home. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn took a bold approach in the HGTV Dream Home® 2021, outfitting the main bedroom, walk-in closet and hallway with vibrant greens and blues – and proving the merits of going beyond traditional white and grey color schemes. While these striking colors could have fallen into the shadows of the space, VELUX Solar Powered “Fresh Air” skylights with blinds and Sun Tunnel skylights brighten things up, so every detail can be fully appreciated.

Main Bedroom

With a unique sense of modern and vintage, Flynn combines bright colors with rustic and vintage design details such as a wooden chandelier, natural fiber headboard and telescope. To make the main bedroom a serene escape, he painted the walls and ceiling the same shade of an emerald green, offering cohesion and coziness to the room with its high vaulted ceilings. VELUX Solar Powered “Fresh Air” skylights with room darkening blinds flood the room with natural light, complementing the large window with waterfront view and adding depth and dimension throughout.

Bedroom green walls skylights


The HGTV Dream Home® 2021 is grand and expansive with the main bedroom connected via a private hallway to a walk-in closet and bathroom and hallway. Never one to let a space go to waste, Flynn brings the lush green walls through the hallway, decorating with black and white landscape photos set in wood frames. A VELUX Sun Tunnel skylight illuminates the space, offering natural light to enhance the colors and also provide a useful nightlight when it’s dark.

Green hallway sun tunnel skylight

Walk-In Closet

Daylight contains all the colors in the visible spectrum, so hues of every depth and saturation always look their best in natural light. Only natural light provides a balanced blend of all colors, making it an essential element of places where we prepare for our days, such as a walk-in closet. From choosing outfits to seeing whether or not an item is stained, natural light in the closet is very useful. For this main bedroom closet, Flynn chose to paint the room a bright beachy blue, drawing in the natural surrounding landscape of the waterfront property and offering a light contrast from the deeper green hue in the bedroom and hallway. Sun Tunnel skylights allow more natural light, complementing the design.

Sky blue closet sun tunnels

Bringing more color-friendly natural light into your home can allow you more flexibility to use bolder, more vibrant designs in your home. While simply opening window blinds and drapes can alter how colors look in a room, skylights offer stunning natural light from above throughout the day.

Interested in upping your color game? Start with skylights. Find a skylight installer in your area or schedule a virtual consultation with a VELUX daylight designer today.

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