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Sun Tunnel® skylights: a cure for dark spaces

Learn how Sun Tunnels can bring natural light to any room in your home.

Every house has its dark spaces: Interior hallways and bathrooms. Kitchens in the middle of open plan living areas. Closets.

If these rooms leave you feeling low, don’t worry, there’s an easy way to add natural light right where you need it. Here are some examples of how Sun Tunnel® skylights bring natural light inside the home.

Bedroom foyer. This bedroom foyer includes a clothes closet to the right of the door, so natural light was imperative. The homeowner added a Sun Tunnel centered in the foyer and now sunlight highlights both his clothing selections and artwork on the entry wall.


Hallway. Most hallways have no other natural light source, so adding Sun Tunnel skylights is a no brainer. And with the solar powered night light kit they will emit a soft glow to guide the way at night.


Bathrooms. The problem with picture windows in bathrooms is that they end up with the shades closed for privacy, blocking all of the natural light. In this bathroom, a Sun Tunnel provides ample sunlight even with the window shade closed.


Pass-through spaces. This intersection between the master bedroom, bathroom and closet was lost in the shadows until the addition of a Sun Tunnel skylight. Now natural light spills into all three rooms.


Kitchens. Save space for more cabinets by using the ceiling to bring in natural light. This kitchen has two Sun Tunnel skylights, so natural light reaches the island work area.


Find a Sun Tunnel installer in your area to find out how quick and easy it is to brighten your home.

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