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Natural Light

Making a statement with jewel tone colors

Level up your color game, whether it's painting the entire room or creating a single color accent wall with bold and saturated colors.

Laundry room skylights pink purple wallpaper

After a year where many people worked from home, some interior designers have predicted that decorating with bold, vibrant and saturated colors will make a comeback in 2021. Whether it’s an accent color on a single wall, ceiling or door or it’s a bold, immersive use of color on all four walls and ceiling, color helps to redefine spaces.

Pump up the energy in a room with a vibrant color or create a low-key mood with a saturated hue; either way, you’ll have a whole new experience. But when it comes to using bold or jewel tone colors, don’t forget natural light from skylights to reveal the color in its truest form. Because it shines in from above, natural light from skylights is bright and even, illuminating further into the middle of the room.

Interior designer Tiffany Brooks has led the way when it comes to bold color choices and her designs in the HGTV® Smart Home 2021 are no different. Check out her guest bedroom color scheme that will bring a smile to your face, and then keep scrolling for nine more bold interior design color moves.

Sunrise inspired

This muted yellow draws inspiration from early mornings and sunflowers. Natural light from the skylights reinforces the happy vibe. Skylight blinds darken the room for optimal sleeping.

Bedroom skylights yellow grey

Bold small spaces

Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn creates a fun, energized closet with deep pink on the walls and ceiling in the HGTV® Urban Oasis 2019. A Sun Tunnel® Skylight makes sure this bold color doesn’t get lost in the dark.

Closet dark pink walls Sun tunnel skylight

Dreaming of the ocean

Flynn draws on the location of the HGTV® Urban Oasis 2020 for color inspiration in the main bedroom. Royal blue on the walls and ceiling draw on Portsmouth, Maine’s, proximity to the ocean and its nautical history. Matching blue skylight blinds complete the look and enable the room to be darkened.

Bedroom royal blue skylights

Unexpected color combination

Not ready to commit to painting the full room, including the ceiling, a single color? Try a unique color combination on a smaller scale, as in the kitchen below. If you think blue and black can’t be used together, think again. Skylights brighten the kitchen so both colors stand on their own.

Kitchen black cabinets blue backsplash skylights

Leafy green inspiration

If you’re a plant lover, look to all of the glorious shades of green (and sometimes pink, purple and maroon) their foliage comes in to inspire your next paint color. This living room by Justina Blakeney layers plenty of plants over a green-blue wall color with contrasting pops of orange, pink and brown. Natural light from a single skylight harmonizes the colors.

Living room green skylight orange rattan

Stark contrasts

The aqua wall stands in stark contrast to the white ceiling, floor and walls in this design studio by A Kailo Chic Life. Sunlight from a skylight multiplies the energy the juxtaposed colors create. White, light-filtering skylight blinds enable her to control the light while still keeping the space well-lit.

Living room white pink aqua skylight

Color tells a story

In this children’s bathroom designed by Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY, the royal blue tile evokes memories of bath time, while providing a counterpoint to the orange decor elements. Sun Tunnel® Skylights, consisting of a lens mounted on the roof connected via a reflective aluminum tunnel to a ceiling diffuser, fill this fun space with plenty of natural light.

Blue and Terracotta Guest Bathroom Sun tunnel skylights

Sunset inspired wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a serious comeback and that opens up all kinds of opportunities to add color. In the HGTV® Urban Oasis 2020, interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn again drew inspiration from Portsmouth, Maine, with mudroom wallpaper reminiscent of early sunrise over the ocean. Graduated pinks and purples are highlighted with sunlight from two VELUX Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights. The skylight blinds color, burned orange, helps to tell the sunset story, while also filtering the light when needed.

Laundry room skylights pink purple wallpaper

Small pop of color

Looking to take small steps into using bold color in your home? Consider an accent wall, but make sure you have plenty of natural light to make it pop like in the living room below.

Living room skylights blue accent wall

Colorful doors and cabinets

Leaving your walls and ceiling white, while adding smaller color splashes on doors or cabinets is another fun way to energize a space. This kitchen’s bright yellow sliding door is sure to lift the spirits even before the first cup of morning coffee.

Kitchen blue cabinets yellow sliding door

Ready to add some color to your home? Don’t forget the natural light. Find a skylight installer near you.

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