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Is a replacement skylight job handled by a roofing contractor?

Have an old, discolored skylight that needs to be replaced? Learn how to quickly accomplish this home to do list project.

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Not all skylight projects are new installations—some are retrofit jobs requiring the removal of old skylights to be replaced with new models. The best time to replace old skylights is when you replace your roofing material because it saves time and money, and enables you to synchronize your skylight and roofing warranties. But even if you’re not replacing the roof, you can still update your skylights.

VELUX offers an abundance of resources for homeowners looking to replace their old skylights, making the process worthwhile and easy.

New skylights. New features.

The days of leaky, unsightly, bubble skylights are behind us. Replacing old skylights means you’re adding the latest innovation to your roof. They not only transform interior spaces, but they look great on your roof as well.

Upgrading from a fixed, bubble skylight to a VELUX No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight has many benefits. The new skylight not only brings in natural light through energy efficient glass, but it also opens for fresh air ventilation. Skylights that open allow homeowners to create air flow inside, ridding the air of pollutants that can build up from daily living.

Solar-powered skylights allow you to rely less on electricity, while making your homes more energy-efficient.

Adding solar-powered blinds enables you to control the sunlight. And with over 50 colors and patterns, you can easily choose the perfect muted design or pop of color for your ceiling or “fifth wall.” Blinds can be factory-installed or added during installation.

Choosing an installer

Once you’ve picked out your new skylight, it’s time for installation. But who do you call?

VELUX makes the process simple with our installer locator. Simply plug in your ZIP code and project type (in this case “replacement skylight”) for a list of installers near you. Some companies on this list are roofing companies that also install skylights, while others (those listed as 5-Stars) focus their business solely on skylight installation.

A single skylight replacement typically takes a couple hours. Many replacements require only rooftop work by the installer. They will remove the existing skylight and replace it with the new one, in addition to replacing the flashing around it. Sometimes they also need to do some interior finishing work, such as repainting and trimming out the top of the light well.

By upgrading to the latest skylight model, you’ll enjoy the No Leak guarantee, improved energy efficiency, clear and bright natural light, and the benefit of fresh air ventilation for years to come.

Connect with a VELUX daylight designer to learn more about replacing your home’s skylights. Schedule a virtual consultation from the comfort of your own home.

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