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How do you make a bedroom with skylights dark enough for sleeping?

See how you can have light-filled and totally dark in a single room.

Darkened bedroom with skylight blinds closed

Adding skylights to a bedroom is just one ingredient to creating a spa-like retreat ideal for total relaxation. In fact, exposure to daylight is essential to syncing your circadian rhythm, and sleep research has linked daylight exposure to getting better sleep.

But it begs the question: how do you darken a bedroom that has skylights when you need to sleep? Do you have to compromise good sleep for stunning décor? Definitely not.

The answer: Room-darkening skylight blinds.

VELUX Skylights can be ordered with factory installed blinds or blinds can be added to existing skylights.

Daylight and circadian rhythm

Insufficient exposure to daylight can negatively affect your circadian rhythm and contribute to poor sleep-wake cycles. Sleep disorders can lead to health issues including fatigue, irritability, reduced concentration, heart disease, weight gain and diabetes. Getting outside for a walk or jog is the best way to get daylight exposure, but if you find yourself spending more time inside make sure your living spaces have plenty of natural light.

Bedroom skylights can help boost daylight exposure by allowing natural light into the room early in the morning and late into the evening, giving your body visual cues about the time of day. But the other must-have for good sleep is a darkened bedroom, so make sure your windows have blackout liners and your skylights have room-darkening blinds.

The photo below is the same bedroom as above, but the room-darkening skylight blinds are closed to block the light.


Solar powered skylight blinds

Homeowners also have the option to choose solar powered skylight blinds that qualify for a 30% federal tax credit on product and installation through Dec. 31, 2032. They can be added to an existing VELUX skylight in your home or ordered factory installed on new skylights.

Make the most of the tax credit with VELUX Solar Powered “Fresh Air” skylights with solar blinds. This skylight not only brings in natural light, but it also opens with a remote control or smart phone app to create air flow – all with solar power only.

If you’re only looking to add daylight, go with a fixed skylight with factory-installed, solar-powered blinds and get a free VELUX ACTIVE gateway, which is also eligible for the federal tax credit. With this product package, homeowners can save over $200 on product and installation.

Automate your skylights and blinds

The VELUX ACTIVE with Netatmo skylight automation kit is compatible with Apple HomeKit and Google Home. Apple HomeKit users can create schedules in the Apple Home iPhone app to open and close their skylights and blinds on a predetermined schedule. For example, skylight blinds could open just after sunrise, allowing you to awaken gradually with the sun.


Decorative skylight blinds

A natural light makeover is oftentimes that final design step that takes a home renovation to-do list project to a ta-da moment. With more than 750 colors and patterns, your blinds can reflect your own style. Chose a contrasting color blind for a maximalist touch. Consider a floral pattern for a subtle touch of nature. Or keep it neutral for a soothing minimalist vibe.

Interested in learning more about how to add natural light and fresh air from above to your home? Schedule a virtual design consultation from the comfort of your own home.

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