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A whimsical loft

When builders renovated the ca. 1904 Dozier House in downtown Franklin, Tenn., they used skylights to bring natural light to the converted the attic.

When builders renovated the ca. 1904 Dozier House in downtown Franklin, Tenn., they converted the attic into additional living spaces, including a loft that's ideal for curling up with a book or gathering the family around the TV.

But as an attic, lighting posed a significant challenge since dormer stairwell windows did not provide sufficient natural light to the loft.

VELUX No Leak Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights with solar powered blackout blinds proved to be the ideal solution.

"VELUX skylights were the perfect choice for this space because not only do they allow in a lot of natural light but they can also be opened with a remote control to let fresh air into the space," said JoAnne Haynes, lead designers of the O'More Showhouse. "Plus if someone wanted to use this as a TV room or movie room, the skylights have blackout shades."

Designer Lauren Devens found inspiration in the natural light from skylights for her design of the loft.

"The space is a little bit playful because of the architecture and the ceiling pitches; it's a little bit funky with the exposed beams, so I wanted it to be more of a relaxed, cheerful, whimsical space," Devens said. "The skylights provide a lot of natural light and I thought that was a great design element to incorporate a little bit of cheer into the space."

The VELUX No Leak Solar Powered "Fresh Air" skylights were also easy to install on the historic home because they do not require any wiring, and instead use solar power to open and close.

"It actually doesn't feel like an attic anymore; it feels like a normal living space," said Kirk Trull, construction manager with Thrive Homes, which lead the renovation

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