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It's the O'More College of Design alumni showhouse, and we have 28 graduates of O'More College of Design.

Each one of those 28 people were assigned a space.

We're actually in a space that we have named the loft. This was actually the attic of the house.

It was completely unfinished. It had never been used for anything other than storage.

We added three bedrooms and three baths to this upstairs area.

It had no windows, other than a small dormer off to the side that did not allow any light to enter at the top of the stairwell.

Skylights allow us to get natural light from above.

The VELUX product was perfect for this space because not only did it let in a lot of natural light, but they could be opened with the remote controls to let fresh air into the space.

Plus, if someone wanted to use this as a TV room or a movie room, they have blackout shades.

Well the space in nature I felt was a little bit more playful just because of the real architecture and some of the pitches and it was a little bit funky.

We have these exposed columns in the space, so I wanted it to be a little bit more of a relaxed, cheerful, kinda whimsical space.

VELUX installed these amazing skylights that provided a lot of natural light, so I thought that was a great design element to incorporate a little bit of cheer in the space.

It was an amazing transformation. Just absolutely amazing.

It went from a dark, black, unusable space to a wonderful, well-lit thing that is a multi-purpose room.

The other great thing was being able to retrofit them into an older structure-- was perfect because they're solar powered, and that made them perfect for this installation.

The VELUX skylights really add a great element. Because they're so cheerful, it adds a lot of natural light.

You just walk into the space and you feel good.

The space is completely filled with light, it's open, it's airy. It doesn't feel like an attic anymore. It actually feels like a normal living space.

I feel like, when I get to the top of the staircase and enter into this loft area, that it is a well-lit, really, really comfortable space to be in.