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How to find a VELUX Skylight installer near you 

The VELUX installer locator allows you to search by your ZIP code for nearby skylight installers.

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You’re set on adding VELUX skylights with shades to your home? Now it’s time to find an installer.

With a growing list of skylight installation companies and customer reviews on the web, finding an installer can be a lot to sift through. But here’s the good news: VELUX offers an extensive network of skylight installation companies that carry our products and have been trained by VELUX, each ready to help you reclaim your space with fresh air and natural light. By simply using our installer search tool, you’ll be able to quickly find skylight installers who serve your location.

Using the skylight installer search tool

You’ll begin by entering your ZIP code into the search tool. To find an installer that best serves your skylight needs, you’ll have the option to select your specific project type from four options: new skylight installation, replacement skylight, Sun Tunnel installation and shades installation or accessories.

Immediately after entering your location and clicking “search,” our system will gather a list of installer companies, contact information and addresses that serve your location. To the right of this list, you will see a map with installers clearly displayed in your immediate area.

Skylight installer Sun Tunnel roof installation

What are the differences between certified and specialist skylight installers?

You’ll notice that there are different levels of skylight installers available, including certified installers and specialists. To help narrow your search further, find more information by hovering over the information icon located next to the credential. Here’s an overview of some you may come across:

  • Signature Skylight Specialist: A VELUX Signature Skylight Specialist is a company dedicated to VELUX skylight and Sun Tunnel installations. This company will complete full service projects ranging from a single skylight installation to more complex skylight jobs. They have achieved VELUX’s highest standard of certification as an independent installer and have attained the knowledge to assist you on all VELUX products. 

  • Skylight Specialist: A VELUX Skylight Specialist is a company that primarily focuses on VELUX products. This company has achieved the highest standard of certification as an independent installer and has attained the knowledge to assist you on all VELUX products.

  • Certified Installer: A VELUX Certified Installer is a company that focuses on a variety of roofing products in addition to VELUX products. The company will have completed VELUX’s certification program and will have sufficient knowledge to assist you in VELUX projects.
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Choosing the right VELUX installer for you

Once you’ve found installation companies that serve your location, you can explore customer ratings by clicking “reviews,” located beneath the company’s phone number to see what other customers are saying about their work done on their homes. You can also click on the installer’s website to learn more about them, the products they offer and contact the installer by phone or contact form to schedule a time for them to visit your home.

Rest assured, regardless of your ZIP code, these installation experts will help you determine the right skylight size and quantity, select accessories and expertly install your new skylights.

To learn more about a typical VELUX skylight installation, check out our installation guide.

Ready to add more natural light and fresh air into your home with VELUX skylights with shades? Find an installer in your area today.

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