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Why hire an interior designer?

Interior designers are trained professionals who can help you marry beauty with function to create a space that’s perfect for your needs.

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Between Pinterest, Houzz and a plethora of other inspiration and home décor sites, you’re not likely to have a shortage of design ideas for your home. However, if you’re like most homeowners, you may not have the time or confidence to tackle your own home design project.

Luckily, interior designers are trained professionals who can help you marry beauty with function to create a space that’s perfect for your needs. How?

By learning your style preferences and routines…

A good interior designer will start by learning your style preferences and asking you questions about your daily routine. Your interior designer will listen for cues on how you and your family will be using the space and will design to fit those needs. For example, if you use a particular room for work and study time, he/she may make suggestions on incorporating natural light into the room. Or, they might recommend calming colors like light blues and greys for the space where you spend your time relaxing.

By easing your work load…

Once your interior designer understands your needs, he/she will be able to use design software and sketches to show you what the final product will look like. After you fall in love with a look, they will get to work sourcing materials and even communicating with your general contractor, if needed. This will greatly limit the amount of time you need to invest in updating your home.

By knowing when to edit...

Whether it’s that unsightly chair from your husband’s bachelor days or the jumble of kids toys spilling out of the playroom, your interior designer will know how to edit—or simplify—your space to achieve a balance of relaxation, productivity and beauty. They’ll help you make decisions on what to remove completely, what to replace and what can be organized in a more practical way. Unlike an interior decorator, a designer can even tell you when it is best to remodel major parts of the house. This could mean knocking down a dividing wall between a kitchen and living room to maximize space or adding skylights to infuse natural light, fresh air and energy efficiency, for example.

By helping you avoid mistakes…

Though an interior designer can be an investment, you can be assured that they will help you avoid costly mistakes. Interior designers are trained to understand more than decorating—they know the ins and outs of building codes and how to work well with architects and general contractors.

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