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Why color is important to how you feel in a room.

The combination of colors you choose is not only a direct reflection of your personality but a mood enhancer and thought stimulator.

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When it comes to home décor and design, there’s no shortage of beautifully hued paints, fabrics and artistic pieces from which to choose. The combination of colors you choose is not only a direct reflection of your personality but a mood enhancer and thought stimulator. In fact, interior designers and color theorists have been studying the psychological effects of color on mood and productivity for years.

So, which colors should you gravitate toward for your home? Understanding the effects of certain colors might help you narrow your choices.

Shades of blue are typically associated with calm and relaxation. Think of blue ocean waves paired with caps of white water lapping against the sand. It’s no wonder that many people use it in bedrooms where peace and serenity are must-haves. Try using blue as the primary color choice in a room with lots of natural light to promote calming moods. Just be careful not to choose a hue that is too dark. When darker blues are used as the main color scheme in a room, it can make guests feel sad or withdrawn.

Green, seen often in bedrooms, is meant to promote tranquility and health. This is one of the most pleasing colors for the eyes because it allows them to rest. Many people like to use yellow accent colors in a room that is primarily green. Yellow helps boost the energy level in the room and pairs well with the tranquil green to promote closeness.

Tones of red are known to elicit strong emotions. When overused, the color red can evoke feelings of irritability and even rage. But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from using the color altogether. When used appropriately, red can be a great accent to almost any room in the house.

Neutral colors such as grey, white and brown, are versatile and can be used in any room of the house. Though fully neutral themes come and go, using these colors—especially for paint and large furniture—allows for design flexibility. Neutrals can easily be paired with bright tones to breathe life into a room.

When choosing colors, you also want to make sure you enhance them with the appropriate lighting. Even the brightest colors can appear dull in a dark, dim room and can make you feel depressed or tired. Use skylights to bring in natural light from above for a bright and happy home where colors appear true. Natural light through the roof provides bright, even light that will transform your décor and make colors pop.

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