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Why add plants to your interior design?

Choose plants that thrive in natural light, accentuate your home design and calm the senses.

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Adding greenery to the interior of a home has become an afterthought for most and even a nuisance for some. The more bad experiences homeowners have with plants, the more likely they are to avoid the purchase or to do away with live décor all together. We’re here to advise that this is a mistake!

Plants make us happier, help us recharge and can even make us more productive. You simply need to find the right greenery for your home.

Plants that thrive with natural light

What long-lasting indoor plant is perfect for you? That depends on your existing décor. Are you looking for Southwestern zest? Consider an Aloe or small cactus. These types of plants require little water and do best in well-lit indoor spaces. Be sure to place them in direct sun provided by large windows or skylights to promote growth. Is your home dark?  Consider adding skylights. The sunlight and fresh air from skylights will help you and your plants thrive.

Desire a Bohemian feel? Go for an Areca Palm, which needs little attention and can grow to about seven feet for a dramatic addition to any space. If you desire a more petite size plant, simply place the Areca Palm in a smaller pot to limit its growth.

Fresh-cut flowers accentuate room design

Adding fresh-cut flowers in vases is the quickest and most effortless way to give life to a drab space. These natural pops of color, when paired with natural sunlight, illuminate a room and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. If you are looking for flowers that last, consider Alstroemerias – a bright citrus flower that can last up to two weeks. Looking for something yellow this spring? Try Daffodils – these flowers are great for cheering up your space. If you’re looking for whimsical and elegant, tulips are the way to go. These cut flowers do not require floral food, but only last a week.

Calming herbs tickle the senses

Feeling farmhouse chic? Adding herbs to your mudroom, kitchen or bathroom can supply a rustic, welcoming vibe. Inside herb gardens are increasing in popularity due to not only their visual appeal, but also their fresh, uplifting smell. If you want to cook with your herbs, consider including Basil, Chives, Oregano and Cilantro in your herb garden. However, if you’re looking simply for aesthetics and fragrance, consider herbs like Lavender, Lemon Balm and Peppermint. Place herbs on floating shelves, arrange them in watering cans and mount them in individual metallic or clay pots.

Whether it’s edible herbs, flowers or ornamentals, plants add a soothing element to your home décor.


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