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What happens if I forget to close my skylights and it rains?

With rain sensors and a skylight automation system, we've got you covered.

Two open skylights on a shingle roof

Skylights transform rooms with natural light, but they also can be used for fresh air ventilation that keeps your home healthy and clean. Opening skylights allows for fresh air flow, helping rid the air of pollutants that accumulate from activities of daily life, such as cooking, cleaning and bathing.

But what do you do if you forget to close them before leaving home, and bad weather starts rolling into the area? Are you destined for a rain-soaked room?

Thankfully, the answer is no.


Innovative rain sensors

Both VELUX solar and electric fresh-air skylights are equipped with rain sensors, so homeowners can rest assured the skylight will do the work for them if they leave their skylights open. Solar-powered fresh-air skylights contain a piezoelectric rain sensor—meaning it reacts to sound. The small device is attached at the base of the skylight and measures sound, converting it to an electrical charge. When it rains, the sound of droplets hits the sensor and triggers a subtle change in shape that generates a voltage to alert the skylight to close.

Electric fresh-air skylights use a slightly different type of device because it’s wired into the home’s electrical system. These models have an integrated moisture sensing rain sensor will automatically close the skylight when it first senses rain.

Skylight automation

VELUX also offers VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO, a skylight automation system that takes the thinking out of home airing. The smartphone-controlled system, compatible with Google Home and Apple HomeKit, allows homeowners to automate skylight functions.


The system connects to an online weather station to monitor the forecast, and uses indoor sensors to track temperature, humidity and CO2 levels inside the home, which can all rise as the day progresses. The system automatically opens the skylights if doing so will improve the quality of the air inside by bringing in fresh air to reduce humidity or lower C02 levels. It proactively extends the blinds on sunny, hot days to prevent temperature buildup inside.

Plus, smartphone control means homeowners can just open the app for peace of mind. No more anxiously thinking, “Did I leave the skylights open?” Just check the app and close them if necessary.

Want to learn more? Schedule a virtual consultation with a VELUX daylight designer from the comfort of your own home.

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