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Skylights Help Coastal Living Idea Home Celebrate Daylight, Fresh Air

Skylights put the coastal in the Coastal Living Idea Home.

Builder Mark Horan, owner and president of Horan Building Company in Newport, Rhode Island, didn’t include skylights in the original design of the Coastal Living Idea Home.

But with the home overlooking Easton Bay on the Atlantic Ocean, he wanted to take advantage of the views and natural breeze coming off the water. Three four-foot by four-foot VELUX No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights open the third-floor study to the sky.

The skylights, installed on north-, south- and west-facing roof slopes, fill the room with natural light. Skylight blinds in the color, Lovely Latte, filter the light when needed. And when the skylights are opened, they fill the space with fresh air.

“When you open the skylights, you get a great breeze from three directions, so it’s nice cross ventilation,” Horan said. “This area gets excellent south winds, so it really cools the room.”

The décor also speaks to the home’s surroundings, using blue as the main accent color, draperies and pillows feature floral patterns. Drawings and photos of sailboats line the wall.

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