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5 inspiring renovation ideas to brighten your home in 2023

Explore how skylights can elevate any room with mood-boosting natural light.

loft with skylight and black lounge chair white painted wood ceiling

As you reflect on the past year and set goals for the New Year, how will your home play a role in achieving them? Designing wellness into your home can help you keep self-care a priority year-round. Check out five inspirational room transformations for ideas on designing wellness into your daily life.

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Create a nook for solitude, reflection and reading.

If you joined a book club or set a book reading goal for the year, now’s the time to create your dream reading nook to help you lose yourself in the tale. Add natural light and fresh air from skylights for a source of serenity. Check out interior design blogger Sarah Dorsey’s bright and airy loft space for inspiration.

Loft with skylight and blue and white checkered floor

Skylights put the finishing touch on your dream kitchen.

If 2022 was the year you finally renovated your kitchen, but you now find your new cabinet colors are just average, consider adding natural light from skylights. Natural light from above helps colors appear true and brings out the details in finishes such as colorful cabinets and tile backsplashes.

See how interior designer Carmeon Hamilton used skylights to open up her galley kitchen and shine some natural light on the rich colors below.

Carmeon Hamilton standing under a skylight in her black and white kitchen

Skylights add good vibes to household chores.

Is elevating everyday tasks on your wellness New Year’s resolutions list? Brightening your laundry room could help you feel better about tackling that pile of dirty clothes. Amanda Johnson of @allthingsnew_home made natural light from two VELUX Sun Tunnel® skylights the key ingredient in her laundry room makeover, and now the space shines. See how she transformed a small, basic utility room into a pleasant, light-filled laundry room.

A laundry room showing before renovation on the left and after renovation with a Sun Tunnel skylight added on the right

Open up your small bathroom with natural light from skylights.

If the small, hallway bathroom has been on your to-do list for a while, make it part of your New Year’s home renovation plans. Resolve to remake your small bathroom into a self-care space by adding a skylight for plenty of natural light and fresh air. Once Laura Tusken of Inspiration for Moms bathed her bathroom in dreamy daylight, it opened up new design possibilities, such as black floor tile and plants in wall-mounted pots.

A small bathroom with a skylight white walls and black hexagonal floor tiles

Natural light opens up new possibilities for your garage.

Adding skylights to your garage can help it go beyond a mere storage space for your vehicles. With abundant natural light and fresh air from above, it can double as a workshop, maker’s space or hobby room. Explore three ideas for designing a multi-purpose garage.

A garage with two skylights blue floor grey walls and workbench

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