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How to use skylights in an open loft to create natural airflow

See how skylights bring fresh air to the HGTV Dream Home 2022.

A loft with three skylights over a stairwell with wood floors and white walls

For today’s homeowners, skylights are more than an aesthetic addition. They’re a great way to keep a home cool and comfortable during warm seasons and offer an energy-efficient alternative to HVAC and mechanical systems powered by electricity. Catch a glimpse of how skylights bring natural airflow into the HGTV® Dream Home 2022.

Skylights and the chimney effect

One of the many benefits of skylights is their powerful ventilation capabilities. Solar-powered skylights directly above the stairwell are ideally placed to create the chimney effect, a method of ventilation in which skylights and vertical windows are opened at the same time. While cool air enters through the windows, warm air, which naturally rises, escapes through the skylights above.

In this year’s HGTV Dream Home 2022, the same effect can be achieved by opening the loft skylights and the two skylights lower on the roof in the front entry and upstairs bathroom. The natural air movement removes indoor pollutants, while also ensuring good thermal comfort.

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Loft skylights stairwell wood floor white walls

Automated skylights do the thinking for you

When paired with the VELUX app control system, solar-powered skylights and shades can be set to automatically open and close without the homeowner’s interaction. Here’s how it works:

  • Internet gateway: The system connects to an Internet weather station to monitor outdoor weather forecasts.
  • Climate Sensor: An indoor sensor monitors the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.
  • Automation: When the automation option is on, the system compares indoor conditions with outside conditions. It will automatically open the skylights for fresh air if doing so will improve indoor air quality. It will also proactively extend the shades to prevent heat buildup if hot, sunny weather is forecasted.

Solar-powered fresh-air skylights with shades throughout the HGTV Dream Home 2022 contribute not only to its style, but also to the comfort of its dwellers.

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