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Four tips for remote work bliss

New to working from home? Learn how to make your home workspace ideal for productive, creative work.

living room with two skylights and a home workspace

Many home workspaces are less the product of careful planning than something that evolves from a spare bedroom, bonus room or an extra corner in the basement. Even if your home office is more of an after-thought, it’s possible to make some simple improvements that will enhance how you feel when working in it.

If you’re working from home for the first time, these four home workspace design choices can help you feel good, focus on the tasks at hand and look forward to arriving at the “office” each day.

Begin with the basics

Whether you’ve set up in a spare bedroom, at the dining room table or the bonus room, create a space that sets a vibe ideal for focused thinking, productivity and creativity. What makes you happy? If you have plants at your office desk, add one to your home workspace. Other ideas include an office supplies organizer that will keep scratch paper, scissors, pencils and pens organized and at the ready.

Emphasize natural light

Of course you’re aware of the importance of good lighting in an office setting, but did you know that ample natural lighting can boost your productivity and improve your mood? The mood-boosting effects of natural light are well documented, with many studies showing that office workers exposed to daylight throughout their work day are happier, healthier and more productive than those who function only under artificial light.

In your home workspace, ample natural light from sources such as skylights and windows can help keep your circadian rhythms synchronized and reduce Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), eyestrain and stress – all ailments that stand in the way of productivity.

Adding skylights to your home can also be a cost-effective way to ensure you get plenty of natural light while working from home, whether it’s your home office or a space temporarily playing double duty. What’s more, a properly installed, energy-efficient skylight can help you control home heating, cooling and lighting costs.


Give yourself a view

Just like natural light, views of nature have proven mental health benefits. Select a location in your home where you can see outside, whether it’s a panoramic landscape, trees swaying in the breeze or a sky view. Most of us aren’t working from our mountain cabin or beach house, but fear not! Even adding a calendar with photos of nature or houseplants to your work area will help provide a small dose of nature that can boost your spirit.


Consider sounds that soothe

Many of us who are used to working in an office thrive on the sounds of communal working: the clatter of keyboards, impromptu brainstorm sessions or the familiar footfalls of a fellow co-worker coming down the hallway. Working in a silent home (if you don’t have kids also “homeschooling” with you) can be a detriment to productive work.

Try playing ambient noise to help keep your mind focused. If nature’s your thing, find all types of audio rain from soft patter to heavy downpour to play in the background. Or if human-made noise helps you focus consider café sounds as the backdrop for focused productivity.

With more Americans working remotely from home, creating an inviting, inspiring office space is more important than ever. Connect with a VELUX design consultant to learn more about adding daylight and fresh air to your home workspace.

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