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7 Steps To Transform Your Attic Bonus Room

Transform your attic space into the bonus room you've always wanted with these simple steps.

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Looking to upgrade your space without taking on a massive renovation? Look to your attic: Most attics offer a huge space that just needs a little TLC to become the bonus room you've always wanted. Whether you need an extra office, bedroom, or just a cool place to hang out, complete these steps to turn your storage space into bonus space.

Step 1: Clean

Before the transformation can start, you'll need to get clean out everything from your attic's former life. We're starting with a clean slate here so remove all the boxes, old furniture, and cobwebs and wash any windows as well as the walls, ceilings, and floors.

Step 2: Prime

Anywhere you plan to paint - walls, ceilings, and maybe even the floors - apply a coat of primer. Opt for a white primer because attics are great spaces for light paint colors.

Step 3: Paint

Time to put some color in your new space! To create a calming adult retreat, use soothing shades of blue or green. Light colors can help create the illusion of space and bright colors help conceal strange lines or curves in the architecture.

Step 4: Floors

Feel free to skip this step if your attic already has nice floors. Otherwise, you may consider putting down a nice plush carpet or rug to cozy up the space. Whatever flooring you decide on, your local hardware store should be able to help you install what you need.

Step 5: Lights

Time to bring in the light! If you've already got lights in your attic room, consider replacing the old fixtures with ones that fit your new style. You can also really open up your attic space with a skylight! Attics are the perfect spot to enjoy natural light with a VELUX fixed or venting skylight.

Step 6: Furniture

Choose furniture that defines the purpose and flow of your attic bonus room. For a retreat that also functions as an office space, bring in a small desk. For extra storage, bench seats are a great option, and a daybed can provide a comfortable place to sleep or relax.

Step 7: Accessorize

Now's your chance to get really creative to bring your room to life! Flowers help bring nature outside in, and you can display your own photos or paintings on the walls. Mirrors can also be featured as a way to increase light in your space while looking decorative.

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