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3 ways to bring the outside into a small bathroom

Bring nature inside with these creative ideas.

a plant sitting on a wooden vanity with a stone countertop

Interior designer Shavonda Gardner and her family downsized to a cottage home a few years ago. When it came time to remodel the home’s only bathroom, she knew she would have to make some bold design choices.

Bringing nature inside is a common theme among Gardner’s interiors, and make no doubt about it, she incorporated nature into her bathroom design.

Natural light and fresh air

The original bathroom did not have a window, so the first thing Gardner did was to add a VELUX No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air skylight. Now the space is flooded with natural light and fresh air, allowing the family to leave the electric lights off during the day and refresh the space after showering by opening the skylights.

An added benefit is the view through the skylight of the upper branches of a tree in the backyard. The treetop view is a constant reminder of the seasons, with bare branches in the fall and fully leaved ones in the spring.


Before the renovation, the bathroom lacked any connection to the outside.


Nature themed wallpaper

The wallpaper adds a touch of nature to the bathroom in a swirling pattern of leopards and purple monsetra leaves. Surrounding the room in patterns found in nature provides a soothing biophilic element in a space too small to add an actual plant.


Natural materials

Design accents in the bathroom feature natural materials: a bamboo bath caddy, natural fiber woven baskets, a wooden vanity and brass light and faucet fixtures.


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