A tale of two dining rooms

When she first moved in, Tasha didn’t think the skylights in her house were very special. Old, discolored and lacking a sky view, they filled the dining room with yellow-tinged light.

After partnering with VELUX skylights, she learned they could be so much more. By replacing her old acrylic bubble skylights with new VELUX No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights, she improved the look of the room and now enjoys added functionality.

“It has provided much more of an impact than I ever thought it would,” she said. “The quality of the light coming in is just totally different. It allows the colors in the décor of the dining room to be true to what they should be.”

That’s because VELUX skylights use LoE3 dual-pane argon-filled glass to provide clear natural light without discoloration. Replacing the skylights also made the space more energy efficient. The new skylights are more than 35 percent more energy efficient that the old acrylic bubble skylights.  

The new skylights open via remote control to bring in fresh air, cooling the space without running the air conditioning. And, Tasha added a splash of color to the ceiling with gold light filtering skylight blinds. 

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