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Your window into a smarter, healthier home.

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Your home's ultimate climate control and monitoring system.

The VELUX ACTIVE system starts with climate sensors, which constantly scan your environment for data on indoor air quality, sun exposure and more. These sensors communicate with your smartphone and the departure switch, allowing for automatic adjustments to create a healthier environment. Rest assured knowing that your home is as safe as it is comfortable.

  1. Internet Gateway

    Connects to the internet to monitor indoor climate and provide feedback for operations.

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  2. Climate Sensor

    Constantly measures temperature and air quality (humidity and CO2).

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  3. Departure Switch

    Securely close skylights and activate safe mode to limit skylight functions and only operate blinds.

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Total environmental control, in your hands.

VELUX ACTIVE sends real-time data to your smartphone, so you can monitor your home's air quality from anywhere. Adjust the exact position of skylights, close blinds when it rains and more — it's the future of smart home lighting, and it's all in your hands.

Play an active role in your home's air quality and environment.

  • Sensor-based ventilation

    Smart sensors monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels and operate your skylights accordingly for a healthier indoor climate and better home air quality.

  • 3 times a day keeps the doctor away

    Depending on local weather conditions, the system will air out three times a day, giving you a healthier home.

  • Smart heat protection

    Proactively closes any VELUX INTEGRA® blinds based on local weather forecast information.

  • Easy departure

    Tap the VELUX ACTIVE departure switch on your way out to close your VELUX skylights and only operate blinds.

  • Stay in control

    Operate your VELUX skylights and blinds from your smartphone for the ultimate control in home automation.

  • Say the word

    Apple HomeKit® and Google Home compatibility lets
    you use voice control to operate your VELUX skylights and blinds.