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Add function and beauty with skylight blinds.

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Types of Skylight Blinds

Have a specific space in mind that needs more natural light? Browse skylight options by room to help envision the right products in your home.

  • Blinds Room Darkening Double Pleated

    Room Darkening - Double Pleated

    Solar powered or manually operated, these skylight blinds feature blackout cloth with a honeycomb structure that are energy-efficient and have a sleek design.

  • Blinds Light Filtering Single Pleated

    Light Filtering - Single Pleated

    Solar powered or manually operated, these skylight blinds let a soft light enter the room and come in 15 color options.

  • Blinds Blackout Flat

    Blackout Blinds - Flat

    Solar powered or manually operated, ideal for bedroom applications and come in more than 20 colors and patterns.

  • Blinds Light Filtering Flat

    Light Filtering - Flat

    Solar powered or manually operated, offers both protection and good looks with 15 colors and patterns to choose from.

  • Blinds Venetian

    Venetian Blinds

    Manually operated and available in 8 colors, lets you control the direction of incoming light.

Blinds with colors

Reflect your home's personality and style.

Skylight blinds allow you to control the light for different activities, whether you need complete darkness or just want to diffuse the light. With over 60 colors and styles, skylight shades also add a splash of color to your ceiling — a finishing touch to a room's décor.

Take control of your home's natural light.

  • Enjoy a 30% federal tax credit on solar-powered blinds.

    Solar-operated blinds are not only stylish, they're more cost efficient. Eligible homeowners can take advantage of the 30 percent federal tax credit on any solar-operated blind. These smart blinds are available in room darkening - double pleated, blackout, light filtering – single pleated and light filtering blinds, which allow you to control the amount of light coming through your skylight.

  • Energy-efficient daylight from above.

    Most VELUX skylights are ENERGY STAR® certified and many of them include an Intelligent Touch Remote Control, helping you save money on electrical lighting. With our Energy Performance Model, you can program your skylight shades to optimize sunlight in every season. By selecting a “Fresh Air” model, your skylights can help cool your home during the spring and fall while reducing the load on your air conditioner.

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